You understand his feelings: Leonardo

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You are a smart girl. Never making trouble unless it was really necessary.

But not today

After getting in to a lot of rouble with some guys that tried to hurt your neighbor's son, you found yourself in the hospital.

They beat you up badly, so badly that you could barely move anything. Sure, you used some of the things that you knew and that Leo also taught you. But you were alone there with at least 6 big men surrounding you. You had no chance bearing them in the very beginning so there's no wonder you ended up here.
The boy was alright because the guys were busy with you, and gave him a chance to escape and call the cops.
But you hated this place. The smell, the look, the beep that you heard on your left side, day and night.

This was hell to you. And you couldn't  escape because of the pain. But it wasn't the pain from the cuts and bruises that bothered you.

You missed Leo a lot. His smile, eyes, everything made your day better.

A lot better.

Just by thinking of him made your eyes tear up. You let some of them fall on to your hair and pillow.

You wondered if he missed you to

Suddenly an idea came in to your mind. You picked up your phone, completely ignoring the burning pain that shot right through your arm and started text a message to him.

You: Hi Leo. I'm at the hospital so I won't be able to se you in a few days...or weeks. It's because I got attacked by, around 6 or 7 men after trying to save my neighbor from getting hurt. They've beaten me up badly, I can barely move. And I'm so lonely here, if you can, then please come here. It doesn't matter how long you'll be able to stay here. All I want is some company right now, so please, come here.

After sending the message, you quickly regretted it. Because it sounded like you were a dying princess and he was your prince charming, and that was childish. But you couldn't delete it now, he probably had red it already.
Not too long after that, you jg earn a slight tap on your window. You didn't even have to open your eyes to know who it was.

Motioning för him to come in with one finger, you heard the Window open quietly and footsteps come near you. That's when you opened your eyes to Se Leo look down at you with a worried expression. He looked up and down your body, seeing all the bandages and cuts that covered your body. Even some of your hair was cut short on some places.

You smiled sadly at him.
"I-i tried so hard, t-to k-kep them away. I even used some of the things you thought me...b-ut i wasn't strong enough..."
"Sop talking" Leo cut me off and placed his hand on mine. Wait what? Did he really do that just now? You thought in your head while letting another tear escape your eyes.
"You did your best, that's enough. You are strong, most people would have given up by now, if I'm correct. You're strong, smart, kind, gentle and beautiful...When you get better I'll train you as much as you want. And if you ask me to then I'll just be happy. I want to protect you, but I also want you to be able to protect yourself. " ha said nut then paused, realized what he just said. I smiled at him and squeezed his finger a bit before letting it loose because of the pain.

He looked up at me again, before slowly leaning forward and giving my forehead a friendly kiss.after that he pulled away and went to the window. I didn't want to let go, but I had to.

My tears began to fall harder when I felt my fingers get lost from the warmth of his hands. It felt heartbreaking, cold and lonely. But I was happy that I at least saw him again. And his words made me realize something as well.

He liked you

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