When everyone finds out: Leonardo

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Leo's P.O.V

I went home right after that kiss. Okay, maybe a few hours later. In my head, I heard music everywhere. Happy music. I never felt so happy in my entire life. It felt like all of my troubles were gone, like nothing could stop me from doing anything.

When I got home, everyone noticed it. I tried to cover it up as best as I could. But it was no use. In the end, sensei came out and asked me what was going on.

"Leo?" Sensei asked me, looking at me. I said that it was nothing, but he didn't believe me. He saw right through me. Again, i tried to cover it all up with a "it's nothing".

"Leo, don't lie to us." Sensei continued. I looked at all of them, seing their disappointed faces. Even Raph wasn't wearing that usual smirk. I gave up.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you the truth..." everyone came closer. I became a bit more nervous.
"I've, been...*sigh*...dating...someone." I finished quietly and, looked down at my feet. Everyone's jaw dropped, while sensei's eyes widened.

"And who's this young lady then?" Sensei asked interested. Very, interested. I hesitated at first, but then answered.

"Her name is (Y/N)." Sensei nodded and made a motion with his hand to tell me to continue. So I did.

"She...she has (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and a really good personality. I met her on one of the rooftops and became really interested in her not too long after." I explained.

"Okay? Why were you so happy when you came home?" Mikey asked me and leaned slightly closer. I felt myself blush. Without thinking, I started to scratch my neck.

"Well...I...I kissed her for the first time a few hours ago." Oh my god! I can't believe I just confessed...for everyone!!!
Sensei is going to kill me! I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain that sure enough would come. He was mad at me wasn't he? But instead of feeling him slap my face, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking up, I saw sensei giving me a proud smile.

"I want to meet her." Was all he said.

After trying to convince him that it was way too dangerous for him to go outside. I gave up and decided to let him meet her.

After a little while of running, we all finally made it to her apartment. The lights were on, the curtains were pulled to the sides, revealing her room. But she wasn't there, strange.

We all sat down and waited for her to show up in her room. Sensei was next to me and everyone else was at their own spots. A few minutes past and she finally came in to her room...only in her underwear. I blushed and quickly looked over at sensei who was looking at me. I didn't say anything, I just looked back at her. She covered her body and (f/c) colored underwear with a bathrobe made of silk. It was way too big though, so it hung over her shoulder and covered one of her legs while the other one was naked.

"Wow, what a girlfriend you have. Are you sure you just kissed her?" Raph asked and looked at me. I blushed even more.
I sighed and stood up.

"I'm going to tell you you're here okay?" I said, they all nodded and watched me when I went to se her. They all looked after me.

When I was there, I knocked on her window just after she had pulled all of her hair to one side. She looked over at me and blushed slightly, remembering what happened earlier today. But, she opened the window anyway.

"L-Leo..hi..." She shuttered and tried to cover her shoulder with the bathrobe. I looked at everyone that was watching my movements clearly, and felt embarrassed over that they were watching me. But, I wanted to show them that everything I said was true. I leaned down and took her shoulders, and looked deep in to her eyes again. When our lips met, I completely forgot that we were being watched. She pulled me closer by wrapping her arms around my neck. I felt around with one of my hands in her newly brushed hair, messing it up again while holding her waist. The kiss ended pretty quickly though, simply because we both haven't done this enough times to know how to breathe. I placed my forehead on hers, took a deep breath and revealed the truth about this evening.

"(Y/N)..." I began.

"Yes?" She answered...I once again took a deep breath.

It was so hard telling her without freaking her out.

"I want you to meet my family"
She leaned away with an expression I couldn't quite recognize.

"Okay..." She said with an unsure tone.

"They're here"

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