When he's cleaning his room to a funny song: Leonardo

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After you were done with your exams, tou went down to the lair and calm down a little bit since you brain was close to exploding in the classroom.

After you greeted all of the turtles and Master Splinter, you went over to Leo's room. But a special noice caught your attention, coming from Leo's room. You tip-toed as quietly as you could to his door and opened the door a little bit more. As soon as you did that, you had to cover your mouth to keep a bomb of laughter inside your face.

Leo stood in the middle of the room in a joga position, swinging his katana's gracefully to a calm song, then burst out dancing like a maniac while dragging a vacuum across the floor. You had no idea where it came from in the first place, but didn't question it. Hitting the air once in a while, while signing along with the song, with the most serious, yet priceless face you've ever seen.

He suddenly jumped up about 2 meters from the floor, and landing in a perfect split, and then jumped on his feet again. At that point you had to cover your eyes and lean your head down.

After about a minute, you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around, only to see Leo's brothers behind you. Raph was the one who put his hand on your shoulder.

"If he's cleaning, it's best to just let him do his thing." He said with the serious face ever. He then looked at Leo with a look that said: why? Just why?! before looking back at you and tapping your shoulder once.

"He seems very proud of that ass of his" He said before walking away, everyone else following him. You looked back at Leo who was now rolling his hips from side to side like a total diva.

"Where did I put that camera now again?"

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