You understand his feelings: Michaelangelo

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It was a normal night. You and Mickey was as usual in the living room, dancing your buts off and laughing like crazy. It took a while for you to get tired though because your bodies got used to moving, jumping and spin around.

Both of you collapsed on the floor,not bothering to turn the music off, spreading your arms and legs like two starfishes. For a while you just cached your breaths while sweat dripped down your bodies and on to the floor. You promised to clean it all up later.
While you were laying down, you suddenly felt like someone was watching you. you opened your eyes to see Mickey lay his head down to the floor again, as if he wanted you not to notice him staring at you. 
You got up on your elbow and looked at him. He opened one of his eyes a bit but closed it as soon as he could when he saw you looking down at him. You giggled.

"Do you honestly think i wouldn't notice that?" You asked. Now that he knew that you knew what he did, he opened his eyes.
" Honestly, for a ninja you're impossible not to notice" you giggled. He sat up, you followed him. For a while he just sat there, looking at the floor awkwardly, as if he wanted to say something but didn't know how to start. In the end, he sighed.
"I'll se you later." he said sadly, got up and leaved your apartment. You sat there, on the floor with a confused, sad and chocked expression. Not too long after a song caught your attention. (the one in the beginning ;) )

You lightened to it for a while, enjoying the text. But suddenly you thought about Mickey. it sounded almost like the lyrics was trying to tell you something, something important...And when you thought about it a bit more, you realized that Mickey actually had a crush on you.

He was just too shy to admit it, or even show it...

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