When you find something secret:Donnie

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Donnie was usually a very organized person. Usually. After loosing a very important tool, he ended up turning his whole room upside down, looking for that thing. Whatever it was. He then just went back in to his lab, completely ignoring the almost dangerous mess he had in his room. Things were laying on the floor, on the bed the table. All of the book she had was thrown everywhere, some was even blocking the door. The bed literally was upside down and the sheets were thrown carelessly on the shelf and the closet wasn't even able to describe.

Being the awesome person you were, you decided to surprise him a little bit by cleaning up his room a little bit. You began with taking everything that was laying on the floor and shoving it all in one corner. Then you fixed the bed, after turning it around first of course. It was heavier than you thought, but after a few minutes of struggling, you finally got it right. You got slightly tired, but didn't give up.

After the bed was finished, you began to sort all of the stuff in the corner in to a few piles.

Books, tools, clothes and so on. But one of the things you've found didn't really belong in any of the piles, and you can't even guess what that was. Something no one can even imagine being in Donnie's room.

The vacuum from...wait for it.

Ghost Busters

Yes, that's right dear people. And not only does he have it, no, it looked like it was used for cleaning. Suddenly, a memory came up in your mind. The time you saw Donnie clean his room to that song. Wasn't he using that vacuum then while cleaning?

Oh my god!

You covered your mouth to try and not laugh as you stared at it. Donnie had even fixed it up by painting a purple bandana on the ghost that was on the top of the vacuum.
So cute!
You never thought that he would have anything like this in his room. Sure, he is a teenager and need to have something like this too keep his childish behavior alive, but Donnie was usually serious person. You've never even seen him watch anything but the news, read books about science or even talk about anything that's unreal. You didn't even think Donnie was playing with any toys' when he was just a baby. What if he didn't even have any toys' as child?

After thinking that, you suddenly felt bad about him. It must've been hard for him and his brothers' when they were younger. No toys', no one too play with except for each other, no real and tasty food and not even aloud to go outside, simply because of how they look.
Poor guys'.

You sat there for a while, thinking of how Donnie must've lived when he was younger. Simply being all dramatic and suddenly regretting every single time you've hit his arm, even if it was just playfully. Al though, this wasn't the time to be sad. You've found something that would let you know Donnie a bit more, now that you knew that he was a fan of Ghost Busters.

Donnie's P.O.V

I was in my lab, as usual while (Y/N) was in my room, propably cleaning it since she had watched me while I was turning the entire room upside down. I even flipped my bed because of how scared I was that I've lost my extra pair of glasses. Okay, I told her that I was looking for a tool, but I did it only because I was stressed out.

I reminded myself to tell her that later and thank her for the help, if she cleaned my room like I though she did.

Out of nowhere, I suddenly hear (Y/N) yell something from my room. She sounded exited, almost to the point of falling down on the floor laughing. Usually, I got really exited too every time I heard her shout something out of the blue like that. This time though, I didn't. It wasn't anything with her voice, it was what she yelled.

"Who ya gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!!!"

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