First kiss: Donatello

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You and Donnie was on the roof again. Like usual. You did home work, and he was doing his own thing. But this time, it wasn't math. It was poetry. So, you had to read a few poets. What kind of poets? It all was your choice. And being the hopeless romantic, you chose to read a whole book filled with poets about love. It was kind of hard to read it, because the one that wrote it, used a lot of words that you didn't really understand. So Donnie had to explain some to you. But while he did, he was always blushing. You knew what was on his mind, you could Se it on the way he looked at your lips.

In the end, you asked how he knew all of those words. He didn't answer right away.

"I know all that, because I've been reading some of those kinds of books myself." He then told you. You were surprised, and you showed it on your face as well.

"I've been trying to be all romantic, to make you happy. I know it's stupid, and that I should just be myself. But really. I want to with you for the rest of my life." He said and took your hand. You blushed at his words, but nodded. Showing him that you felt the same.

Your P.O.V

"You have no idea how lonely I feel every time I don't feel your heart beat next to mine anymore. When the warmth of your body is disapearing, leaving me in a cold, dark and empty place. I can't stand it. I need you" he quickly said and pressed his lips on mine. I got even more shocked by his words. But then, I just accepted it and kissed back. But not in the loving way, more in the worried and promising way.

When we pulled away, we looked in to each others eyes, seeing nothing but pure love and respect in them.

At that point we knew that our relationship wasn't just a normal one. But a special one.

A really special one

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