When he's signing for you: Mikey

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Mikey and Raph got in to a fight, again. That made Mikey so uneasy and almost too scared to even go outside, so he ended up spending the night at your house. Okay, he spent the whole weekend there.

Every time you patted him on the shoulder to ask him something he always flinched. You felt terribly bad for him so making him feel loved was the only thing you could do at the moment. You usually did it by hugging him, telling him how much you love him, kissing his cheek and other stuff. He usually replied to you by smiling and hugging you back, but still, he was shaking from top to toe.

"You okay now?" You said in the middle of a movie because he finally stopped shaking. He looked away from the movie and slowly nodded his head. Well...Mikey usually smiled and shook his head when someone asked him something. Not this time. This time he didn't smile at all and only moved his head 10 millimeters. You didn't know if you should belive him or not, but didn't push him further.

When you asked him what Raph said and did to him he only started crying and hid in his shell for 20 minutes. He didn't talk about his brothers, or even his family at that moment. Not even mentioning their names. Poor guy.

When he finally decided to at least stick his head out, his bandana was wet around his eyes, his cheeks were puffy and mouth quivering. Speaking became a whole challange to him. Thank God that you managed to calm him down quickly, because or else he would've got a big head and heartache.

Suddenly, a song started to play in the movie. A song that always sheered you up even before the signing began. All you could do now was hope that it worked for Mikey as well. You grinned and looked slightly over at him, seeing a small smile creeping up his lips. That's when you jumped up from the sofa like a f*cking olympian, started dancing and sang along. You didn't care if it looked wired, you just hoped that it would work.

After less than 5 seconds of dancing, you heard the most wonderful sound ever.


Soon enough, Mikey joined you and started signing along. He looked at you for a moment before signing to you, showing his happiness.

Why should I worry?
Why should I care?

'That's right. Why should you worry, and care about what Raph says about you? You are you, and no one will be able to change that.' You thought in your head as you looked at his now smiling and happy face. This, this was your Mikey. A perfect little turtle with humor and pure awesome-ness. It's something that neither you, or someone else will ever be able to change.

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