The Lair: Donatello

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I was always weak.
And I still am actually.

My body just can't handle being healthy, so I get sick very easily. And not sick like, a cold. Well, I can have a cold as well, but it's never just a cold. With it, comes fever, weak muscles, hurting eyes and stuff like that. So it begins with a cold or a simple headache, and turns in to god knows what.

So, this is what's going on with me right now. I'm laying in bed, feeling a little bit dizzy. It's nothing serius yet, but it's going to be worse if I don't do anything.
What can I do?
Take medicine?
Well, yes but, I have a problem. I'm out of medicine that's made to cure these types of things. My legs are too weak to carry my body outside and in to the shop.

After laying down like that for hours, just begging that it will go away with time. I called Donnie and explained everything to him. Honestly, I was a little bit embarrassed to do that, since I never know if I'm bothering him or not. But it turned out to be no problem. He told me that he would take me to his lab and take care of me there. I didn't protest, since it was better to be with him than alone. So I waited for him to show up.

After a few minutes, I heard a knock on the window.

"Come in Donnie. "I said in a quiet voice, but loud enough for him to hear me. He came in and almost gasped at me. I was laying in bed, my face pale like paper, my hair wasn't a mess, but it sprawled out on the pillow, I was breathing quickly, and my eyes were watery. He sighed and picked me up bridal style and started running back.

On our way there, I realized that he was living in the sewers with his brothers.  When we were there, everyone looked at me with worried expressions, but didn't ask me anything.

Thank God.

As soon as he stepped in to his lab, I saw millions and millions of experiments. He must've worked really hard before taking me here. Now, I began to feel embarrassed again. I didn't know if I actually bothered him, but still, what if I was?

He put me down in a bed in the lab, and covered me with a fluffy blanket.

"I'll get some medicine for you honey. " He said with a smile and walked up to one of the shelves with tons of medicines and creams. Grabbing one of them, he carefully red what was written on the pakage before putting it back and doing the same with the second one.
He continued like that before getting the right one, and walking over to me. Grabbing a glass and filling it with water in the kitchen, he gave me one pill and helped me drink the water.

Slowly, the pill took effect and I started to feel better. Within hours, I was completely fine, but Donnie didn't let me get out of bed. I listened to him, and doing what he told me to do.

While he was mixing another chemicals together, I couldn't help but think how lucky I am. I didn't like the fact that I was really clumsy. But if I haven't dropped my book, he wouldn't have looked for me to give it back. Right?

"What are you thinking about? " Donnie suddenly said and turned his head towards me. I looked down at my hands and blushed. He set down his tools and walked over to me, sitting down on the bed gently and let his hands rest while leaning his forearms on his thighs.
I looked up at him, took a deep breath, and began to speak.

"I'm afraid that I've been a bother to you. I never knew how hard you're working with that mutagen, until now. So, now I regret calling you in the first place."I explained and looked down again, playing with the bandages around his hands. He sighed with a smile and hugged me, pulling me close to him. I hugged him back and buried my face in to the crook of his neck.

"Awww... Don't worry. You're never a bother to me. I enjoy taking breaks from my experiments and taking care of you." He explained and petted the side of my head. I smiled in relief and layed back down again. He walked over to his table again and finished some stuff. After that, he walked over to me and lifted me up bridal style again, then carried me to his room. I was expecting him to have posters of the world, of different math stuff and a lots of other things like that. But no, his room was perfectly clean. No posters, bed made like in the military, table clean, and many books. He noticed me looked around and smiled.

"Not what you were expecting?"

I shook my head as he set me down and pulled out a purple blanket from the closet. He put it over me before crawling in to the bed with me, laying down behind me. We were talking for a while before it all got quiet. Not awkward, just quiet.

He suddenly lifted his arm up from my waist and placed it ln my shoulder, pressing it down so that I turned to face him with my upper body. Then, he leaned down and kissed my shoulder, just before my neck.

I shivered at hus touch and turned around completely, wanting more since it felt so good. (Don't get perverted now, okay?) He smiled and kissed me over and over again, slowly moving from one place to another.

He ended up kissing my collarbone. At that point, I got enough and pulled him away. He looked a little bit confused but smiled when he saw me get up and sit down on his lap. I leaned down and kissed him softly, pulling slightly in his bandana and ending up taking it off.
When I pulled away and looked at his face, I almost gasped. He looked so different without it. But not in a bad way. He looked from side to side, probably thinking that I didn't like his face anymore.
Man, sometimes he's just so stupid.

I smiled and leaned down to kiss his neck, like he did to me. As soon as my lips touched his skin, he almost grabbed my waist. That's when I remembered that a turtle's neck is really sensitive. I smirked and decided to tease him for a bit by licking his neck from his shoulder and upwards until I was where his ear should be. He squeezed my waist harder and held his breath. I wanted to continue, but what if he didn't like it? I pulled away and looked at him. His head was turned in to the wall, eyes squeezed shut, teeth biting his lower lip and a massive blush on his face.

"Enjoyed it? "I asked and leaned a bit closer to his face. He opened his eyes to look at me, then nodded shyly. I smiled and was about to do it again.

"No wait." He said, I instantly pulled away.

"I'm not saying that I don't enjoy it, no. I've just never felt anything like this before. It does feel good, just...Sorry if I was hurting your waist. " He said, then apologized. I told him that it was fine.

We continued kissing each other for a while, on our mouths, necks and shoulders until we both got really tired. I was almost sweating, and Donnie was panting.

Exhaustion and love was filling the air. I fell down on him since I couldn't keep myself up anymore. My head ended up falling on his chest, then sliding down to his stomach when he put himself in to a laying position.

"Sweet dreams"

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