Lemon: Donnie

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"N-no. Don't stop"


The sun was beginning to set, causing the sky to become a dark pink purpule shade. One that matched Donnie's mask perfectly. The flowers that was growing right by you both had already a perfect shade of purple, so the setting sun that was shining at them from behind made them light up, and also cause fireflies to get ready for the night.

Music that echoed softly through the small speakers from the T-phone seemed to drown in the sounds of in-held moans of pleasure with every minute. Not only that, but the T-phone was also covered with some flowers that you and Donnie had crushed while laying down on the soft ground. The air had a wonderful smell in it, but you didn't really pay attention to it, neither did Donnie because both of you had one target. And you wouldn't stop until you both felt satisfied.

Everything began with you being so stressed out over a test that was coming, some work you had to do at the café but could never get done, and also keeping everything a secret from your parents. Donne must've seen your stress that could never go away, because he decided to bring you outside of town, so that you could relax a bit. The ride was kind of boring, and you fell asleep in the middle. But it was totally worth it.

A moan suddenly broke you away from your thoughts. It wasn't until you looked around a bit that you realized what you were doing. You were laying on top of Don, hands locked together, faces close and your knee in-between his legs. A wave of regret washed over you, but before you could pull away your mind went blank again. You did see, you did hear, but you couldn't control yourself. You must've been wanting this so much that you didn't realize how quickly you were going. Donnie seemed surprised by how you were acting, but didn't fight it since he was lustful as well.

A few moments past. with you playing around a bit. Sucking, licking and biting was on the list at the moment. Hickey's were covering your necks, bite marks all over your shoulders and faces flushed and had some spots of saliva that got left from kisses.

The wild night carried on, the fun never stopped while time seemed to do. You knew that you came here right after dinner, but now that the sun is fully down and the stars are visible you had no idea what the time was. The fireflies were flying around as well.

A burning sensation suddenly caught your attention, it was so hot that you even cried a bit. You looked down to se what was going on, and saw Donnie pushing himself inside you. When he was fully in, you relaxed your neck so that your head fell down on to the grass. More fresh tears rolled down your cheeks and even a small whimper. Donnie knew that this pas painful for women, so he patiently waited for you to adjust to his size. The time - that you thought had stopped - seemed to be going faster and faster. You just continued to struggle to keep whimpers in while Donnie looked down at you hopelessly. He then leaned down and pulled out, not fully, but just a bit. You let out a relaxed sigh and pulled your arms around his neck, kissing it slightly.


You nodded at his question and the struggle to keep whimpers in began again as he went in and out of you. It wasn't as painful as in the beginning though, and soon the pain that once filled your body turned in to pure pleasure. You couldn't help but smile and ask for more. He gladly 'obeyed' and went faster.

Moans and grunts seemed to echo through the tall grass because of how silent everything around you both was. The fireflies made some noise with their wings, but it wasn't noticeable.
Moments past, some positions changed and more and more force was pulled in to the thrusts - and more and more flowers was crushed.

"N-no. Don't stop"

You moaned out because Don started to go slower. He was propably tired. You were tired as well but maybe not as much as he was. He was just at the point of sweating. Poor him, he is the one that later has to drive home for 2 hours.

"Just, a little bit more"

Donnie the began to go even faster at your little 'command'. You also started to roll your hips towards him a little bit to help him out a bit. It wasn't much, but at least it was something.

The silence then got broken by two loud moans. Your voices matched perfectly, it sounded almost like you were singing.
After that, Donnie collapsed on top of you and started to pant. Now you knew how tired he was. He was panting like he had just faced Shredder in a one against one battle for 10 hours straight. You held him closer and kissed his shoulder just to say thank you for the moment. He got the message and kissed back.

While you were laying there, you couldn't help but replay the sound in your head. The moans. You could sing some songs pretty well, but only because you had heard them a million times. This was nothing like it. You could've moaned anything - a high toned moan or used your usual voice. (You know what I mean right?) But yet, you used one that matched Donnie's perfectly.

There's only one person in the world that has the power to make you do everything perfectly. Cherish that person for as long as you can, because you never know when they'll be gone.

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