Lemon: Casey

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Hockey practice


Casey always said that nothing is more important than you - which he had also showed to you. But this week something seemed to change. He was too busy to practice than walk with you home. His mind was always filled with rules to that game, he was always practicing with his hands at class instead of taking notes and listening to the teacher.

You could already see yourself at his house helping him study, and no matter how much you loved Casey, that sight wasn't something you liked.

Walking to the hockey practice with your backpack filled with schoolwork - and a towel for Casey to dry off his sweat - you opened the door and came to an unexpected stop.

You expected at least some members of the team and the coach to be there, but no. Casey was all alone, practicing alone with nothing but a blinking light in the corner of the hall cheering for him.

As you walked up to a seat and sat down, Casey hasn't noticed you yet. It wasn't until you opened the coffee cup with freshly made coffee that his senses turned on and he looked over at you. You smiled cheerfully and made up a little commercial for the coffee with your hands. He chuckled and went over to the place where you sat, stumbling clumsily when the ice ended and the wooden floor ended up underneath his feet. You helped him a bit by holding his forearms, but letting go when he sat down. He took of his shoes before grabbing the paper cup and taking big sips of the coffee.

"Strong flavor, no sugar and a bit milk. Just like you want" You told him without having an actual reason. He looked at you for a second before going back to the coffee. Almost eating up the cup as well.

After putting on his shoes, he grabbed his helmet and stuff, and went into the changing room, inviting you in as well since you two were all alone and he never walked out of showers in only underwear. You've seen his chest before.

You couldn't help but blush though at the sight of his arm throwing away his pants and boxers to the other side of the changing room from the shower. You were behind the wall, so you couldn't see him.

The silence was awkward, really awkward. Not because you had nothing to say, but because both of you had nothing to say

After a few minutes of silence, you couldn't take it anymore. But, before you could say anything, Casey's hand was already out, tapping the wall and hoping to find a towel.

"Ops...Forgot to bring a towel" He said when realization hit him. Although, being the awesome girl you were, you brought one for him.

"Here, I brought one for you." You said and handed it to him. He grabbed it from your hand without a thank you, a clear sign of him blushing on the other side of the wall.

You thought of something to say, just to break the awkwardness that was filling the whole changing room at the moment. However, that thought was quickly replaced by a gasp, then a thump that came from the other side of the wall. You jumped up from the spot you were sitting on and ran towards the sound.

It wasn't until you saw Casey on the floor, hugging his head with his hands that you realized he must've fallen. You bent over to him and checked how he was, asking questions like:

How are you?

How's your head?

How did you fall?

He didn't answer any of those questions, he only stopped you from asking them by smashing his lips to yours.

Now that was a way to shut you up!

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