When he's human: Mikey

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Mikey's P.O.V

"Oh yeah!!!" I yelled while spinning around in circles in front of the mirror. Donnie had invented a watch that could turn me and the others human if we were just following some instructions. I am the one that gave him this idea, how? Not sure, I don't remember saying anything about this but whatever It it is, I must've been awesome. I mean, it came from me after all.

Suddenly, (Y/N) came running happily woth open arms through the door. But accidentally tripped and fell down flat on her stomach. I rushed over to her and helped her up. The first thing she did was cover her eyes and turn around.

"What's wrong?" I asked, putting my hands on her shoulders, ready to turn her around and look at me.

"Do I really need to explain Mikey?" She asked me. I had no idea what I've done wrong, so I just kept my mouth shut. The silence made her cense my confusion.

"Your shell is gone" She continued. I looked down and ummidietly knew exactly what she was talking about.

After a few minutes, I got fully dressed, making it safe for her too look back at me. She did hesitate to turn around at first, but once she did her mouth fell open and the staring contest began. We both looked at each other for a while in confusion, mostly her because she had no idea what was going on and how this happened. But before she could ask me, I explained and showed her the watch.

"Okay, so now I know that if I see a blonde and naked guy in my room...it's you."

"And if you see a blonde, naked guy as big as me in your closet it's definitely ME!!!"

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