When YOU are right and Master Splinter is WRONG: Donatello

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Donnie's P.O.v

(Y/N) was at the lair again. She came over cause she needed some help with another math problem but ended up talking to Sensei right before I could say that she's done with the problem.

She thought that she was wrong all the time, but actually, she was right the whole time.

Right now, I was just watching her and Sensei talk about all kinds of things. First, about how their day was, second, (Y/N) asked what he was wearing and he explained. So she's now very interested in kimono's which let to the subject:
Next, there's weapons, and last but not least:

Right now they're talking about different ways to eat food.

"But what about grilled beaf with onions? How do you eat those?" (Y/N) asked and furrowed her eyebrows a bit. Sensei though for a moment.

"What do you mean?" he then asked.

"You know? They're usually grilled on a stick and have onions around the meat. " She explained. Now Sensei seemed to understand a bit.

"Oh. Well, if I am alone then I just eat them off the stick, but if my son's are home I use chopsticks to get the meat of the stick." Sensei explained.

"Then how about Yakisoba?" (Y/N) asked. Sensei thought again for a moment before answering.

"It is delicious especially of you put some mild cheese on top of it to melt. But if you don't eat it right away then the noodles will get to wet and you won't be able to lift them to your mouth cause they'll break on their way up." He said and sighed sadly, (Y/N) did the same.

"And when you eat egg and the yoke is all hard the egg is not as delicious as it usually is."

"Not even if you put it on top of rice and take soysauce on top." Sensei continued sadly.

"What's even worse is cooking it. It's really hard to get that exact yoke as soon as you put it in the oil."
(Y/N) said and crossed her arms.

"Do you fry it in oil?"

"Yes I do."

"Don't ever do that."
As soon as Sensei said that (Y/N) looked really confused.


"Because if you do that then your egg will be way to oily and the taste will change. Cook it on butter instead."

"If I do that then the eggs will get hard to cut in to pieces with your chopsticks."

"And if you cook it on oil it will be way too loose."

"No it won't. You don't flip the egg like you do when cooking it on butter. If you cook it on one side then the heat will cook the rest of it through. The bottom will be hard and crispy enough for you to lift it up without breaking it."

After (Y/N) said that, I could se how awkward Master Splinter felt. He knew that she was right, she knew it too.


Silence was filling the room. I even think my brothers heard it cause nobody was talking. I was almost scared to talk. Them Sensei spoke up again.

"Yeah but..."

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