When you wear a kimono: Donatello

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You and Donnie were watching TV together for once. He just finished working on another project and decided to take a rest. He called you and told you to get down to the lair, since it was still daytime. But it was a weekend so you were completely free.
That's how you ended up here in his arms. You didn't mind, he was comfortable to lean against. Out of nowhere, the show you were watching stopped and the commercials came up on the screen. Both of you groaned, but didn't do anything. Suddenly, a commercial about a Japanese tea came up. In the background was a woman wearing a kimono. You thought that it was beautiful and sighed, looking at it. Donnie noticed and looked down at you.

"The tea?" He asked. You giggled at this.

"No, the kimono. It's beautiful. " You explained. He didn't say anything, but you felt him move his head back to the screen.

"I'll be back soon." He suddenly said. You let him go and continued watching the annoying commercials. In less than five minutes, he came back with Master Splinter behind him.

"Sensei has a purple kimono for women. Do you wanna try it?" Donnie asked you. Your jaw dropped as you stared at both of them in dissbelief. After a while Master Splinter broke the silence.

"Come here (Y/N)" Master Splinter said and motioned for you to follow him. You did as he said and walked in to his room. Looking back at Donnie smiling at you before the door closed.

Donnie's P.O.V

After the door closed, I went back to the TV. But I knew that I could've just waited there. Sensei is really fast when it comes to almost everything.


This couldn't take long and I knew that. What's the point of even sitting down?

Just like I thought, Sensei came out about 3 minutes later and motioned for me to come in to his room. I smiled, knowing that (Y/N) will probably be standing in a kimono in there. And dear lord I was right! She was wearing one! But not an ordinary one. This one was for special occasions or something.

It had the same shade of purple as my mask. Pink Sakura's drawn in to fabric by her feet and on her arms. The sleeves were long, maybe a bit too long because they touched the floor. A light pink belt was tied around her waist and had some false Sakura's hanging down from it. A purple komigimo tied around the belt. Her hair was in a bun on the side of her head with Sakura's there as well. But only a few flowers. Her lips had a soft and warm shade of pink, just as her eyelids, but purple. She looked at me and smiled that dorky smile I usually smile. Master Splinter saw that we wanted to be alone for a while, so he went out and closed the door.

After he left, I walked closer to her, got down on my knees and took her hands. Her smile got wider as she looked at me. I just had to sigh dreamily at the look of her.

"What?" She asked. I leaned down and buried my face in her chest. She let go of my hands and hugged my head with one hand while putting the other one on my neck. I had my arms around her waist. I honestly expected her to think of me as a pervert, but no. Thank goodness she didn't. AL though, just in case, I had to ask her.

"This isn't uncomfortable for you is it?" I said and looked up. She stroke my head with her hand and kissed my forehead.

"Of course not silly. I used to do this on my mom when I felt like I needed comfort." (I did it and still do.) She explained, making me smile. She smiled down at me and stroke my head again. I put my face in her chest again and hugged her tighter. She put her chin on the top of my head, kissing it once in a while. I sighed, thinking about a line that I red from a book when I was younger.

"You have no idea how empty my heart would be, how pointless my life would be and how much I would cry if I never met you."

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