When you watch him train:Mikey

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You were at the lair, like you've been almost every day since Mikey showed you how to get there. But Mikey had to train as soon as you got there, everyone else as well.
You got bored after not too long of waiting.

Nothing just seemed to be worth doing without Mikey.

After about 1 hour of playing around on your phone, you decided to watch Mikey and his brothers train. If you weren't bothering them of course.

After walking In to the room, you realized that it was only Mikey in there. Looking around confused, you asked Mikey where the rest of his family were.

"My brothers are done with their training so they went outside, looking for trouble. Master Splinter is in his room." He answered simply. Not turning around to face you.

"And you're not with them because..." You continued.

"Because I didn't want to leave you alone here, I was sure you'd fall asleep on my bed or something. And Master Splinter wanted me to train a bit extra anyway." He answered just as simply as before. He didn't have that playful tone in his voice though. He sounded really serius, almost like Leo.

You 'Awww'ed at how much he cared and sat down in a corner, watching him practice some moves.

"Hey, wanna se what I've learned today?" he suddenly asked after about a minute of silence. You nodded and asked him what he's learned.

"Sensei thought me how to grab something by using only the chain. And I'm going to try it out on you."

Now you got really scared. Starting to back away, you suddenly felt chains all over your body. The next thing you knew, you were flying through the air and landing in Mikey's arms. You didn't scream or anything, you just gasped. He chuckled at your chocked expression and gently put you down on the floor.

"Looks like you're stuck, huh?" he asked and only looked down on you with a smile. You didn't move.
Then, he started to free you from the chains. As soon as the last chain got off you, you ran away from the dojo screaming:


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