When you text/ Hang out: Donnie

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After getting in to a fight with some bullies at your school, but savin a person, you found yourself limping down the road in the middle of the night. The bullies beat you up badly so you fainted and ended up there in the cold for hours and hours. Because of it, you got a dangerously high fever. The heat that you had in your bady made everything in front og you blur as your body weakly walked down the dark and empty roads of New York.
Feeling extreamly weak, you noticed that you started walking slower and came closer to the ground. This was the end for you wasn't it?  You gave up not too long after and fell down on the sidewalk.

Layng there for a while, motionless, sick and weak, you suddenly felt a pair of arms lift you up. Guessing it was a murdurer, you didn't even bother looking up or even opening your eyes the slightest. But that thought changed a lot when you felt a gentle hand in your forehead. It was way too big for a human, so you smiled, knowing EXACTLY who it was.
He started walking away from the road and in to the shadows with you in his arms. A while later you felt yourself being layed down on the ground. It was cold, but not too cold because here no cold wind could pass you.

 At this moment you gathered up enough streight to open your eyes and look. Sure enough you sad Donnie smile down at you. Just by seing his gap made you smile as well. You stared at each other for a smile before he broke the eye contact and started doing something. You didn't se anything because you couldn't move your head yet. But when he was doen with, what ever he was doing, he put a towel soaked in warm water. You had no idea where he got in from.

"It's not really good to have something hot in you right now because you'r fever is dangerously high, but since you have been out here in the cold for a while you need to get warmed up." He said as he turned to do something yet again. 
Before you could reply he took you up in his arms and staret to run back to your house. your parents were not home yet so it was okay for him to step inside.

There, he took care of you as if you was his dauthter, and almost immediately , you started feeling better. By the time you could talk and sit up normally, you had been talking for a while about everything you both could possibly think of. But in the end he had to leave because someone called his phone and screamed his name on the other line. You giggled as his terrified face and opened the window for him. You said your godbyes and separated. Later that evening you found a purple note underneath your pillow.

"What in the world?" You said to yourself as you picked it up. You got confused at first, but then you thought about Donnie just by seing the color. Smiling to yourself you picked up your phone and immediately started texting.

You: Hello there :)
Donnie: (Y/N)?
You: Who else? ;)
Donnie: Go to sleep... (T_T)
That made you giggle a lot, but as you were about to text back you got another message from him.
Donnie: Stop giggling and get some rest already, stupid.
You froze at that moment, your eyes widened as you stared at the screen like a dump parrot.
You: How did you know i was giggling???
You asked him, still staring at the phone.
Donnie: Because I'm looking at you right now.
That text was enough for you to get panikied. You threw your phone of to the side and ran over to the light swich, turning the lights off as you got underneath your blankets, shaking violently.

But not for too long because you heard a laughter a few meters outside of your window..

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