First kiss: Leonardo

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Leo was meditating, like he usually did while you did homework. But you got bored, so you decided to sit in his lap and play with his bandana while he did so. It was something calming and quiet, so you wouldn't disturb him.

Sitting down carefully, you looked up at him to see him peeking at you with one eye. But then he went back to meditating. Right after he closed his eyes, you took the bandana and started trying to braid it. It didn't work to well, so you were struggling the whole time. Thats when you felt him shake a bit. When you looked up, you noticed he was...giggling?

"What is it?" You asked him.

"You're funny. You know that you need a third string to be able to make a braid. But you still try to braid it. And also, it tickles my neck." He told you. Feeling a smile grow on your face, you continued. He tried not to laugh.

Suddenly, he jumped up from his position and penned you down. It didn't hurt or anything, you just got a bit surprised.

"L-leo..." You tried to say.

"Revenge."was all that he said before shaking his head so that the tips of his bandana was hanging over his shoulder. You wondered what he was about to do until you saw him shake his head again, making the bandana to tickle your nose. Now you was the one trying to hold in laughter. And that was a challenge. You tried to break free from his grip, but soon realized that it was worthless. I mean, compare his size to your. You didn't have a chance.

"L-l-Leo! No! Stop!" was all that you managed to get out. He stopped after a while. All that alighted made your sides hurt. At that point you were panting. Your eyes were closed so that you didn't have too look up at him. You already knew that he would be smirking down at you. You've seen in one times to many.

After a while, you felt a pair of soft kips on yours. Smiling, you kissed back with ought hesitation. When you did so, he released your arms and picked you up by the waist as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

So, you sat there, in his lap, kissing him passionetly.

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