Keeping away: Donnie

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After the entire love making session, Donne kept away from you as if you were an enemy to him al off the sudden. He never stayed in the lab for too long if you were there with him. He always kept to himself and didn't talk to you.
One day, you got enough of this nonsense and decided to get some words out of him. Stepping in to the lab right after training with Master Splinter, you found Donnie right by his table with the computer in front of him. His tongue was by the corner of his lips in concentration. But as soon as he saw you he rose up on his feet and tried to run away. You stopped him though and pinned him to the wall, using all the strength you had in your body. It wasn't much, but enough to keep him in place and make him realize that he wasn't going anywhere. Impatiently, you started to ask him questions.

"Why are you hiding from me? Did I do something wrong?"

He thought for a moment before replying nervously

"N-no. I just am a bit busy right now"
Lame Excuse Donnie

"So you've been avoiding me for the entire week because you are busy now? Makes so much sense Donnie." You said in an understanding tone but made sure that you irony was easy to catch.
He caught it.

"N-n-no...It's just that, I've been feeling a bit...a bit"
Just spit it out already!


He looked at you with confusion, but you saw it was only an act. After letting him go, you started talking again.

"Are you avoiding me because we made love a week ago?"
HA! I got you now

He looked at you absolutely panicked and became a blushing mess at the memory. You sighed and shook your head in annoyance.

"I'm sorry. I-I---I just don't know!" He screamed and ran away. You ran after him but lost him when he used one of ninja bombs. (or whatever they are)

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