When he's talking about you: Donatello

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Today was a good day. I don't really know why, but I just felt like cleaning everything, smiling at everything, dancing around to everything. My brothers were worried about me, because this was quite unusual for me. I tried to explain, but it went bad pecans I don't really have a real reason. I don't really remember doing anything special thus morning. Wait, I was dreaming of (Y/N) and me getting married. That must be it! I'm happy because I saw (Y/N) in a white wedding dress and holding my hand. Man, she was SO beautiful.

''No really...Bro,are you sick or something?" Leo asked me when he saw me hugging a pillow.

"Yes! I was just thinking of the dream.I had tonight!" I explained. Leo smiled and raised an eyebrow, showing me that he wants me to continue.

"I was dreaming that me and (Y/N) was getting married!!!" his eyes widened a bit, then he slowly went in to the room and closed the door behind him.

"Well...eh....that's lovely" He said awkwardly. I looked up at him.

"She was wearing a white and beautiful dress. Her hair was perfectly foxed with a lots pf pearls and diamonds in it, she had the same vail she wore when she met you and-"
"Yeah yeah...you don't have to explain it all to me. I'm sure she's beautiful. Just, don't rush with things with her okay? Remember, she's human, you need to be really careful with her." Leo said and made small motions with his hands to make his point clearer. I though for a second.

".....so...I'm not aloud to have fun with her in her room. Cause when we're alone we usually-" I tried telling him but he covered my mouth with both of his hands.

"Not one word, not even one more." He whisper yelled to me. Then he walked out of the room and closed the door quickly behind him.

"........tickle each other.."

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