When you find something secret: Raphael (+A/N)

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Raph wasn't really the guy who usually keep everything about him open. No, he had A LOT of secrets about stuff that not even you knew about. Okay, some things you knew. For example:
-He is the night-watcher
-He has saved more people than his older brother has
-He has a motorcycle

Speaking of motorcycle and secrets, you were always wondering where he kept that bike of his. You've been searching a few times when you were alone, but never found it.

Right now, you were helping your dad cleaning up the car. You were cleaning the frontside while your dad took the backside. It was something that you usually did one or twice a month if it wasn't too cold. The car was always parked right outside of the garage with the rooms open so that you could also clean the inside of the car. Your mother was always cleaning the inside of the car after you and your dad was finished. (If you have siblings:Your siblings never really helped out since they thought it was boring or whatever. That makes you the most helpful person in the house so your dad gladly asked your dor help if he needed.)

After the car was all clean and literally sparkled in the sun, your dad drove it inside. You were watching right by with the spray bottles and other stuff. Your dad then went out and closed the door. Patting your head as a 'Thank your for the Help' he walked back inside. You stood still for a while, just looking at the sun that was starting to set and made the sky a deep red color. It reminded you of someone special.

Just before you could take a step back in to the house, the sound of a motorcycle caught your attention. It came from the rooftop, so you instantly knew who it was. After climbing up the ladder to the rooftop, you watched quietly as Raph took off his helmet and went over to the edge of the rooftop to look for trouble. You went over to stand behind him quietly and sat down on his bike, both of your legs on one side.

You both sat there for a while, watching the first thing that caught your eyes. In your case it was Raph. He suddenly stood up and turned around. You didn't have time to run away or steal his bike, so you just sat there. As soon as he saw you he nearly dropped his sai's. You giggled at this. He then smirked widely and walked over to you.

"Want a ride?" You smiled wider and pulled your leg over to the other side, so that were sitting in the usual position.

"No, I was just wondering where you put your bike after you are done with your work." You explained, but deeply regretted it afterwards since you just told him about your plan.

"I'm hiding it somewhere where not even you would look" He said, as if it was a little hint on put his helmet back on. You were about to melt at the sight. It could only be described in one word.


After he sat down on front of you, he drove you home again even though you told him that you didn't want to go home.

"It's for your safety." Was all he said and lifted you up in his arms. You blushed at his touch bit didn't struggle.

The day after, you began to look for that damn bike everywhere. You began woth the lair, searching everywhere for ot, you even checked the bathtub behind the curtain. The you moved on to your house and April's apartment. But, after hours, hours, and hour's of searching, you finally found it.

Murakami's basement. Really?

After starting it up outside, you rode away to the alley where the manhole to the lair was. And you did it at the right timing too. The turtles was just jumping up from their little hiding place to patrol. Raph was the last one.

He opened his mouth and stared at you in pure shock when you drove last them all. He then bolted up on to the rooftop and followed you with his eyes as you drove past shouting:

"You better hide it better next time!!!"


Hello everybody! This is my 100th chapter. I just want to say a really big Thank you to everybody that voted, commented and enjoyed this so far. I'm really happy and seing so many people enjoy my creativity makes me want to write even more. I'll do my best to take this book to 200 chapters, but I will need your help. Come up with ideas and tell me about them, I'll gladly litsen and do my very best to write as funny and fluffy chapters as possible.

Again, Thank you for everything you've done ever since I started this book. Please continue reading, voting and commenting. Don't forget to enjoy too!!!


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