Lemon: Mikey

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Your P.O.V

Me and Mikey was at the amusement park today. He said that he wanted some alone time with me.

Alone time.

No parents, no brothers', nothing that could interrupt him while he was talking or make fun of the way he acted around me.

At the moment, me and Mikey was riding the Ferris wheel - just like we've been doing the last one and a half hour. It was just so peaceful at the very top. And since it was dark as well, the view over the city was absolutely gorgeous - unforgettable - in other words. Nothing was more beautiful than this, and it's too bad that some people don't like it, because then they really do miss something.

The already dark wagon that me and Mikey was sitting in, became suddenly even more darker. I didn't really mind, I just continued looking out at the city. But it wasn't until my mind also noticed that we were no longer moving that I realized the one thing that the rest of the people in the wheel also did.

Power failure

I looked around, seeing a confused - and slightly worried Mikey sitting at the other side of the wagon. His human watch was lighting up the wagon every so slightly. Only some parts of him was visible, the rest was covered in darkness.

The clothes that he wore was some of the clothes that he had in his room that he had collected through the years. Like the socks. Instead of going back to the shop, somebody threw them away because they were soo small. The hoodie and cap have a similar story.

He was wearing an orange tank-top, black hoodie with the zipper unzpped, bown pants that ended right underneath his knees, and knee socks with white and orange stripes that he had pulled down so that they were wrinkled. Sneakers with shoelaces in different colors, a cap and the hood over it. He looked like one of those guys that dress in harayuku in Japan. His freckles just made him look even more like them.

It didn't take long for me to start hearing whimpers coming from Mikey. It was only then that I figured that he was scared of the dark. Skipping all of the questions, I walked over to him and sat down on his lap. He ummidietly stopped and looked at me through the dark.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" I just had to ask him.

"No... I only started to whimper so that you could come closer" He said after a long pause. The way he said it made it pretty obvious that he was smirking. I gasped playfully and slapped his arm slightly, playfully as well. He chuckled and gave me a hug, which I gladly returned.

As the tine went on, hugs and small talk was slowly turning in to other things. The hugs that he gave me wasn't around my waist anymore. No. He was just putting his hands on my hips one in a while, and squeezing them which caused me to gasp slightly. I usually returned the same - perverted - actions by kissing his neck or ear. However, because he's never had a visible ear before, the sensation was new to him. But that doesn't mean he didn't like it.

Not too long after, he just couldn't take the teasing anymore, so he tried to stop it by giving me a harsh kiss. However, that made us both end up on the floor of the wagon with a 'thump'. No one else seemed to notice, so that was good. I'm sure that no matter what would be going on in one of these wagons, the others wouldn't be able to hear it. Thinking that, made me think wired thoughts. Thoughts that I didn't think I would have...ever. Yet, look at me now.

Where am I?
What am I doing?
Who is with me?
What is going on in my head?

Now let me answer those questions.

One; I am in a wagon on the Ferris wheel.
Two; I am kissing and almost have a full power make out session with my boyfriend. God, how I love how that sounds.
Three; Mikey is with me and is ding the same thing as I do.
Four; My head is telling me not to stop, and take this session all the way with no regrets. And that's exactly what I was going to do. Now, not next month or something.

As I was thinking that, a plan was already forming up in my head. For once, I should be the one that controlled Mikey - not the opposite like it always is during these situations. Al though, it did not go as smoothly as I wanted. Because in the back of my head, a voice asked me; But what if Mikey don't want to? That question made me hesitate a bit, which gave Mikey the chance to take over and control me.

Well didn't that plan got absolutely worthless quickly?

That was the only thought I had in my head while my body did something else. In the end, I've had enough and rose up, smashing his lips to mine even harder. He didn't struggle or anything, he just let me continue doing my 'job'. However, the amount of power I had made me do things I didn't really think I would do. Things not even I had imagined doing. Things that would cause him to moan or start breathe faster and heavier.

It wasn't until his shirt was completely off and thrown in to a random corner of the wagon that I realized what my hands were doing and where my face was. If I remembered correctly, I gave him butterfly kisses on each muscle of his six-pack and stopped right above his pants.

OKAY!!! Let's not go that far shall we?!

I got up on my knees and kissed him, right underneath his chin since his head was now resting on the bench that he once was sitting on. My hands slowly slid down to his pants, feeling his member though the fabric. He moaned even louder at that, but a moan of pleasure.

After I had unzipped his pants, and pulled his boxers down a bit, I positioned him right underneath me, just by my entrance. He didn't look up, he just kept his eyes shut and head on the bench.


The question made him open his eyes slightly and look at me with a blush clear in his face. I peeked his nose before slamming him fully in so that it would be less painful. It didn't really work as good as I thought though. Not only was he big, really big, but I am like a stick compared to him, which mean that he's twice my size in everything.

A few tears started to build up in my eyes, but I quickly blinked them away and leaned on Mikey while adjusting. The blush that was on his face was not even more visible, and let me just say that it was absolutely nothing compared to his brother's - Raph's - mask.
Before I could say something more, everything in my mind went blank again. I could no longer control myself and I couldn't even se what I was doing.

As soon as I 'woke up', I realized that I was now nearly jumping up and down I Mikey's lap, making him go in and out of me. I went faster and faster, until I felt him twitch slightly. As soon as he did that, I pulled him out of me and watched as he came.

Collapsing on top of him, I waited patiently for my energy to come back , so did he. While I did, all kinds of thoughts filled my head.
Like; How innocent was Mikey? Okay, that was simple. He was propably very innocent. I'm sure he didn't even know what we just did or what came out of him. The blush made It obvious.

After we both got our energy back, be got up and pulled out clothes back on, and sat down on the benches while waiting patiently for the ferries wheel to turn back on.
After I had sat down, I couldn't help but think about the wired feeling I felt down there. It was wired - sitting down right after being stretched out as much I did. However, that feeling was soon ignored because the Ferris wheel started working.

The ride down was quiet and a bit awkward. Hopefully that wouldn't effect the rest of the way home.

As the wagon stopped at the very bottom and one the workers went out to help us open it, Mikey looked around a bit and signaling for me to get out first. I smiled, but went out last because the worked told Mikey to get out first since he was sitting closer to the exit. When he was out, it was my turn to get out, which I did while completely ignoring the security camera in the middle of the wagon.

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