Sneaky picture girl: Raph

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Raph was Sparring with Leo. He had his sai's in his hands, showing off a little bit every once in a while with them for you. Leo had one of his katana's in his hand while the other one was still in it's place on his back.

"Hajime!" Master Splinter shouted, and then the match began. Leo threw some wild punches at Raph while he ducked them perfectly and used those changes to hit him back. He then did the same, but Leo caught his arm and spinned him around. Raph landed on his shell but quickly got up again by kicking Leo in the head.

While they were fighting, you sat in the corner and took some silent pictures of them.

Mostly Raph

Raph then jumped up and his feet and ducked a kick from Leo. When Leo jumped up himself, Raph spun around and hit Leo in his shell with one arm, sending him flying twoards a wall.

You took yet another picture and almost gasped at how good it got. Your camera had a really fast action, so no mater how much something moved, you could always snap a perfect picture of it.

Raph was one of those things.

The picture was taken right before Raph spun around and hit Leo. Raph had his arm by his head, locked in a 90 degree angle woth the shoulder pretty high up so that it cover his chin. His eyes were on Leo who was on the other side of the picture. Their eyes were locked at that moment but since Leo's shell was facing the camera, it wasn't visible. Raph's eyes showed nothing but concentration. The weights and other stuff was in the background. Raph's bandana was swinging in the air right by his head and it had curved itself so perfectly that the picture looked to be drawn. Raph other hand was by his waist, holding the sie firmly.

This was truly a work of art.

Not only because of the camera, but also because the person in the picture was a true work of art.

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