When he's sad: Casey

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Casey's P.O.V

After trying to do a new trick on my skateboard, I ended up in the hospital with a broken leg. The nurse had put a cast around it and then showed me to my room. It was badly broken, so I would be here for about a week or so. (Y/N) visited me as soon as she had time, which is about 1-2 hours a day. It was a lot according to the doctors. But not enough for me.

On a late night, I stayed awake, watching TV. (Y/N) called me and told me that she would be over soon. So I sat there, patiently waiting for her. It took her about 20 minutes to get here, but once she entered the room, she instantly greeted me with a hug.

"Sorry that it took so long." She apologized as she sat down on the chair next to the bed. I said that it was okay and took her hand in mine. She smiled at it and turned her head twoards the TV. I did the same, and then we sunk in to a comfortable silence. But it didn't last for too long.

"A serious car accident occurred down town earlier this night. It appears that a busdriver lost control, crashed in to a car and then sent it flying twoards Murakami's restaurant."

The reporter said in to the microphone woth that typical tone. Then, a picture popped up on the entire screen, showing the whole incident. My heart stopped at that point. It wasnt the blood that scared me, it was the car. I instantly recognized the case as my parents car. (Y/N) recognized it as well and looked over at me. A tear had already fallen down on to the blanket. I couldn't look away, the shock took over my body and all I could do was stare! I then completely lost it and put my hands over my face. (Y/N)wrapped me in a hug gently and rubbed circles on my back. I wrapped my arms around her and continued to sob in to her shoulder. She petted my head once in a while and whispered gentle words in to my ear.

The nurse's came running in to my room and took (Y/N) away from me because aparantly, my blood pressure got up to a dangerously high point. They gave me some pills, and injected something wired in to me. I didn't fight, since I felt way too weak for it. And soon, everything went black.

I never thought that the night would end. I was so sure that the reporter would suddenly stop and broadcast the even again, again and again. Fear was stuck in my body, my limbs were shaking with fear, even as I slept, my lungs were burning and my entire face hurt after all that crying. I don't know yet if my parents are alive. But all I can do is beg that they are.

All I could do...was hope.

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