When he sees you at work: Casey

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Casey's P.O.V

After saying goodbye to some of my skateboard friends, I found myself walking home. It wasn't really late, about 19:00 or something. The sun had just started to set down, making the sky orange and red.

As I walked down the street, I suddenly heard (Y/N)'s voice. It made me stop in my tracks and ummidietly hide behind a bush. A horrible hiding place I know. But at the moment I didn't even care. It was just then that I realized that I walked all the way to the library, (Y/N)'s new job. I know that she is working here, but I've never really seen her work because I'm always afraid that I was bothering her.

She went out of the library, dressed in the same uniform as the other one's who worked there. A black blouse with black pants. She was the only one that actually looked good in those clothes. Or maybe it's just me because she's my girlfriend.

Oh how I love how that sounds.

After she had opened a big window, she took out a small towel out of her pocket and started wiping the big windows. I couldn't help but watch her back as she bent down and up again. Her arm moved in a big circle and looked really tense. I could easily see that she shirt was tight on her, because the line on her spine was visible every time she bent down.

When she was done, she moved on to the next window and did the same thing there. I had move a little bit to the side to make sure she didn't se me.

Then, the went back inside by using the windows as doors, and wiped off dirt and fingerprints from the inside. I know I  should've told her that her chest got pressed against the glass, but she looked so focused and the sight really got to me. My legs were unmovable at that moment and all I could do was sit by and watch her.

When she had turned away, I jumped up on my feet, took my skateboard and ran twoards the nearest café.

Purple Sunset

Her favorite café in New York

After I baught some sweets, I said "Thank you" to the yung girl that worked there - and made sure to not sound like I was flirting - I went back to the library.

After I stepped in, (Y/N) was the first thing that caught my eye. I smiled and stepped over to her. She must've sensed my presence because she turned around and greeted me with a hug even before I could say anything. I smiled even wider and hugger her back, tightly.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were with your friends." She said and took my hands without stepping away from me. I kissed her forehead because we were so close and it just felt wrong to not greet such a cute face. She giggled at it.

"They all went home. I was in my way home when I saw you. Here, I baught these for you" I said and handed her the purple paper bag. She took it gently and opened it slightly by using two fingers. I held in a giggle at that point. She looked so cute and curious, like a child.

"Thank you very much. But why? You usually buy me hot chocolate while we're walking home from school. D-don't worry. I'm not complaining or anything." She said. I thought for a while before answering.

"Well, I know but. I buy you hot chocolate because of the biting cold outside in winter. Today is the first day of spring and it's already visible. It's barely any snow laying on the streets and the weather is much warmer. I even skipped my jacket today because it was way to hot with it." I said and pulled at the black sweater I wore. It's the same one I wore the day we became a couple.

"I wanted to give you something a little bit special today." I said and pulled her close by her waist again. She 'Awww'-ed at it and kissed my cheek.

After she was finished with work, I waited outside of the girls changing room, my skateboard and her jacket in hand. She agreed with me for she had with out. It was way too hot with a jacket.

When she got out, she wore her (F/C) sweater with a pair of jeans and a a big, half transparent scarf hanging loosely by her shoulders and arms. She then wrapped her arm around mine after I streched it out of her, and we began to walk home.

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