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The Uchiha Princess (Naruto/OC/Reborn) by Anvelite
The Uchiha Princess (Naruto/OC/ Anvelite
She replaced Sasuke and she didn't feel the slightest bit bad. He wasn't that great anyway. Now she has her own family to look after. All she wanted was to stop the...
  • fugaku
  • ninja
  • naruto
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Be careful I bite (a Naruto fanfic) by creepy_naruto_pasta
Be careful I bite (a Naruto fanfic)by Sorry, I'm playing overwatch
Misumi is a 12-year-old but she's totally different she's a cold blood killer. No mercy at all but what do you expect from someone who's lived with Orochimaru since birt...
  • sasuke
  • kakashi
  • ninja
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Reborn (Naruto World/OC) by Anvelite
Reborn (Naruto World/OC)by Anvelite
So, I died. Big shocker. And now I woke up in a kid's body where I live in some place that went by the name of Konohagakure. I live in a world where ninjas exist. I'm a...
  • uchiha
  • academy
  • naruto
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A Blind Ninja's Tale by Blindfaith2v1
A Blind Ninja's Taleby BlindFaith2v1
It takes a brave soul to be a ninja. It takes an even braver soul to be a ninja and blind.
  • ninja
  • asuma
  • blind
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Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction - Book 1 [COMPLETE] by aaliswalker
Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction - Aalis-offline
Reborn with the luxury of chosing her own ability, given a chance to start from the beginning she decides to change to world. For better of for worst. #1 in naruto 20/0...
  • wattys2018
  • gaara
  • sasuke
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The Lazy Ninja (A Naruto Fanfic) by wander4life
The Lazy Ninja (A Naruto Fanfic)by DewDrop
Chise Sakamoto is a traveler. She doesn't belong to any village or any clan. She is simply a regular traveler searching for the meaning of life. She's been since she was...
  • kakashi
  • naruto
  • ninja
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The Silver Shadow by The_Scarlet_Hunter
The Silver Shadowby Baby_Burrito
Killua has always been the unknown in the ninja academy but when she's put in team 7 with the avenger (Sasuke), loud mouth (Naruto) and miss useless (Sakura) she becomes...
  • team7
  • anime
  • silver
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Blind | The Blind Ninja: Book I | Naruto by FreakAOtaku
Blind | The Blind Ninja: Book I | Ayu Vairus
WARNING: THIS BOOK IS VERY BAD AND IS BEING REWRITTEN. TOO CLICHED. READ IF YOU WANT TO. The Blind Ninja: Book I :: "I want to prove to people that I can be a aweso...
  • blind
  • shoujou
  • naruto
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Mafia in Naruto?! (Various x OC) by mehlikeysmileys
Mafia in Naruto?! (Various x OC)by Insane?Probably
Amanda Gale Prism- daughter to a Mafia boss, prodigy, and recently deceased. That's not true. In fact, she's in the Naruto world, causing havoc wherever she goes. How...
  • ninja
  • prodigy
  • friends
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Naruto's Twin Sister (Sasuke Love Story) by Animegirl714
Naruto's Twin Sister (Sasuke SilverAnimeWolf 2.0
What if there's finally someone who cares about Naruto? Like a friend? Or a twin sister? ----------------- Twelve years old, A demon was summoned to destroy The Leaf Vil...
  • action
  • newyellowflash
  • wattys2018
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●Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenario● by Rita304
●Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenario●by Rita304
NEW BOOK!~💕 y/n is your name. f/n is your family name. The characters in the story are Pein - Hidan - Kakuzu - Deidara - Sasori -Kisame - Itachi - Zetsu - Tobi It will...
  • deidara
  • hidan
  • scenarios
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [TMNT X Reader] by LoveRandomnessJay
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [ LoveRandomness
You are (Y/N) (L/N),April O' Neil friend ever since the beginning.Helping April escape you guy's turtles out of the fire,while years later to only return.How will you re...
  • readerxtmnt
  • turtle
  • donatello
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. : Out Of The Shadows. [TMNT X Reader] by LoveRandomnessJay
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. : LoveRandomness
Sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle A year after the battle with Shredder,the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle still live under the sewer.Vernon taking all the credit,while...
  • mutant
  • teenage
  • readerxtmnt
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Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan fiction] by Valerie_Satomi
Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan Megane-chan
She was a girl that seen and felt pain. Her family, her clan, her friends. All of them...Died. It was a miracle that she still has a will to live. Others could have just...
  • uchiha
  • satomi
  • narutofanfic
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My Love In Green (Lloyd x Reader) by Morailsforlife246
My Love In Green (Lloyd x Reader)by Morailsforlife246
After the ninja defeat their latest enemy the city and villages are now at peace, the ninja with nothing to do they all decided that they were going to go back to teachi...
  • xreader
  • ninjago
  • ninja
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Uzumaki's Best Friend by Cleoamelia
Uzumaki's Best Friendby Autumn
Story twist! When Naruto Uzumaki was younger he gained a single friend. A girl born in a different village. They grew up together and raised hell together. Although, the...
  • anime
  • naruto
  • sakura
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A Lethal Weapon (Naruto) [Hanako Book One] by ZKFProductions
A Lethal Weapon (Naruto) [Hanako Zaria Knox
Hanako Uchiha was supposedly a child that had to be executed, but in exchange of her life Fugaku Uchiha promised she would join the Anbu when she came of age. Trying to...
  • hokage
  • itachixoc
  • tobi
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The Fairy Ninja by Infinity_of_Nobody
The Fairy Ninjaby Kami-Sama
Natsume Dragneel. She's 12 years old and the younger sister of Natsu. She knows how to use Dragon slayer, ex-quip, and take over Satan soul magic. While on a mission Na...
  • natsume
  • wizard
  • sasuke
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Genji x Reader || True Self by general_enthusiast
Genji x Reader || True Selfby General Enthusiast
Author Note Hello! This is going to be a long, continuous story following the reader as they get closer and closer to Genji. It will include romance and fluff but I have...
  • ineedhealing
  • sparrow
  • sorry
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Why Am I Here?  by shnl_rdrgz
Why Am I Here? by 💜💜💜
Miyuki Nami is a normal girl and has a sad story. When she was a child, her parents and the rest of her family died and she's the only one left. But she didn't think of...
  • anotherworld
  • fanfic
  • borutonarutonextgenerations
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