When you watch him train:Raph

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Song: We are loud - Dynamedion

After he showed you the lair, his brothers wanted to hang out with you all the time. Master Splinter liked to talk to you as well so he usually came out of his room to be a little social. It was perfectly fine for Raph. He usually just sat next to you and listened to the conversation.

Today, you got invited again. Happily, you jogged to their place, set down your bag filled with schoolwork on to Raph's bed and walked in to the dojo. You weren't expecting anything actually, maybe Raph just drinking water after an extreme work out. Oh lord...you were SO wrong.

There, you saw Raph punch a dummy. No, he wasn't pushing it, he was killing it!

Soon, you started to stare, unblinking as sweat dripped down his forehead and ran down his body, making clear lines all over him.

"Ya sure you don't want to take a picture darling?" He suddenly asked. You instantly closed your mouth and snapped out of your dream land. He chuckled at your reaction. You blushed and instantly looked away, not daring to move. Suddenly, his arms wrapped themselves around you, your blush deepened.

"Would ya like to feel them?" He whispered in your ear. Still blushing, you looked up at him with a confused expression. He smirked and leaned down a bit more, not much, maybe 2 cm. Then, he out of no-where flexed his entire arms, his fingers as well cause you felt his grip around you tighten. Now, even before he did that, you thought that his arms were huge. But now...oh man! You couldn't even belive that this was a pair of arms anymore. Some veins on his forearms even go's visible.

Blushing harder than you've ever thought was possible, you looked at him with wide eyes. He only lifted up one eyebrow, his grin not moving at all. With hesitation, you gently placed your hands on his flexed biceps, slowly moving upwards. His grin got wider, cause he knew you liked it.  When your hands was up on his shoulders, he relaxed a bit, not completely.

Slowly, he leaned in closer to your face. Honestly, you were expecting a kiss or something. But no.

"Just wait until you're in bed." He said, almost sexually. Your mind immediately started to wander in dirty-dreamland. Blushing again, you suddenly felt blood come down from your nose. He let go completely at this point.

"My, I didn't know you could get redder than my own mask. Why didn't you tell me? I would've made you blush hard like that more often." He said and watched you run off in your the bathroom to calm you hormones down a bit.

You needed it.

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