Lemon: Tigerclaw

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What was happening? You had no idea.

It all started when you went out of the shower quickly to get a towel and dry yourself. Tigerclaw forgot to put new one's right after he'd taken the old ones to the laundry room. He wasn't supposed to be home. But when you went out, wet and with underwear sticking on to your body, he just stood there in the hall, a towel in his hand and ready to take a shower himslef.

Now, you suddenly found yourself in the bed, covered by total darkness that was slightly dimmed by Tigerclaw's eyes. Not as creepy as it sounds actually.

His hands wandered your entire body, his fur sticking to it because of the water. Your underwear was still on, even though you wish they weren't because they were uncomfortable and just wetted down the bed.
The make out session you had wasn't going to end any time soon. So you were prepared to ask him if he could take them off. That would of course lead it to awhile new level, but if it would, you were prepared for it. Not only that, but Tigerclaw looked annoyed by them as well since his fur was sticking to them the most.

After a while, you've had enough. Without breaking a single kiss, you tried to take off your bra with a single arm. Tigerclaw noticed that and decided to help you out a little.
Taking out a claw, he cut off one straps and did the same to the oar that was around your body. You pouted since he just ruined your favorite bra that you baught for an unforgettable price. Don't ask. Your panties got saved for later though.

After sucking and biting on your breasts - and almost biting one of your nipple to blood - you felt yourself get wet down there. Tigerclaw noticed this and teased you even more by running you through your underwear. You moaned at this and let him keep going.

Not too long after, you snapped and grabbed his shirt, nearly ripping it of. Nearly. You just ripped it open so that it was hanging down like a unzipped jacket.
His eyes widened with shock but relaxed when he saw your blush and your heavy breaths.

"E-enough with the t-teasing. I-I don't know for how long I can hold out anymore." You panted out without making eyecontact. He smirked and lifted your up so that your head would be on the pillow. Then, he took of his pants - and to make things fair, he ripped up his underwear - to reveal an erected member. You blushed furiously at his size, and gasped a little bit too, not even knowing if you'll survive through this.

He didn't waste any minute, and instantly started pressing himslef in. You gasped and grabbed the bedsheets as hard as you could. You weren't a Virgin, but still, this was painful. Tigerclaw noticed your fear and pain, so he stroke your cheek woth one of his hands and wiped a tear away woth his thumb. Just to ease the pain a bit, he pulled out a little bit and waited for you to relax.

When you've finally adjusted, you let out a deep breath and openednyour tear filled eyes, earning a concerned look from Tigerclaw. After giving him a nod, he began to move.

Because of his size, it was extra pleasuring pleasuring, which made you moan loudly and climax shortly after. He gave you a look that said 'really?' but didn't stop there. No, he had to climax as well.

This leads you two to round 2

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