You meet his family: Leonardo

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(Continues the chapters: When everyone find out:)

As soon as i said that, her eyes got panicked and looked around. I could easily tell that she was scared, really scared.

"No, don't worry. They're very friendly" I said, hoping that it would calm her down. It worked slightly, but not 100%.

"They will easily accept you, and like you."
I began. She stopped looking around and turned her head to look at me. I felt her grip around my neck get slightly tighter.
"They found out that I was dating you and they wanted to meet you right away." I continued and pulled away slightly. Her hands let go of my neck but held the edges of my plastorn instead.
Halleluja! ~

"They're right outside of your window, so they can hear everything that we say as well." Her face went slightly pale but with a bit more talking I made her calm down.

"I'll leave you there to change, alright? Meet us on the roof top when you're ready, okay?" I asked her and leaned down to peek her lips. She nodded and let go of me completely. I did the same and jumped out of the window. The following 2 minutes of waiting were really awkward. I felt my father's stare on me the whole time. The same with everyone else.

"Did you see how widely he kissed her?" I heard Mikey whisper to someone. I looked behind me to se everyone's eyes trying to burn holes through me.
Or so It felt.
It even looked like no one was blinking. We're they SO surprised that I've kissed someone? Okay, of course they would be surprised. Most humans run away from us, even before they even see us.

After a while, (Y/N) came up on the rooftop. Wearing black jeans and a black long sleeved shirt that went below he shoulders. Honestly, she looked even more hot now than before, in my eyes. Her hair was brushed again, since I messed it up a few minutes ago.
Everyone stopped staring at me and turned to her. She looked at each one of them closely, as of she had to draw an exact picture of them all and this was her only time to look at them and take in the details.

"So you're (Y/N)...." i heard Sensei speak out and come forward. The stopped next to me and motioned for her to come forward. She did as he said and cane closer but stopped about 2 meters away from him. He looked at her with elevator eyes but then leaned closer to her.
"Take care of my son, okay?" He said to her.

She smiled a small smile and nodded.
When Sensei was done talking, it was my brothers' turn. Mikey ran up to her and hugged her. She got shocked at first but then awkwardly hugged back. Now it was Donnie's turn to come forward.
"So you're (Y/N) huh? Well, I'm not surprised that Leo fell In love instantly. You're very pretty." Donnie complemented. I could feel a tiny jealousy rise within me but went away not too long after.

After a few minutes of talking, they all decided to go home. They introduced themselves, then went away. I wanted to stay for a bit longer so I didn't follow them.

Me and (Y/N) sat down on the edge of the rooftop and held each others hands, locked our fingers together while leaning on each other. She was leaning on my arm while I leaned my head on top of hers.

"You have a wonderful family Leo." She suddenly said. I looked down at her to se her look up at me. I leaned my head back and looked over New York again.
"Thanks. But you're a part of my family as well you know. I care about you more than I care about anything else." I said and kissed the top of her head. I could hear her giggle slightly and lean further up on me, hugging my arm with her free hand.

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