When you meet his family: Raph

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"We're not alone here"

She looked at me in disbelief and patted my arm slightly.

"Yeah right, go ahead and try to scare me Raph, but it won't work." She said and shook her head slightly. I continued to give her same look, telling her that I'm serious. When she realized that, her face went pale and she started to look around only with her eyes.

I leaned back and looked at my family a few rooftops away. She looked with me but didn't say a word. They started to run towards us. (Y/N) took my hand and held it tight. She was scared.

When they were here, Leo was the first one to give me a glare. I glared back at him. Sensei came forward and leaned a bit closer to (Y/N), as if she was a little child. She looked to the sides quickly, feeling slightly awkward.

"So you're (Y/N)?" He asked, she only nodded and squeezed my hand even more. It didn't hurt or anything, because her hand was really tiny and weak compared to mine. It would be impossible for her to EVER hurt me no matter how much she would work out.

"And you love my son?" he asked her, she blushed and looked down. I smiled while looking at her. But in the end she nodded and looked up, a massive blush on her face, matching my mask perfectly. Sensei chuckled and leaned back, giving her enough space to breathe. Just like I thought, she took a deep breath. Sensei chuckled again and then turned to me.

"She's perfect for you. Good choice my son. When I was in your age I chose a shy one, like you did." He told me, I honestly was about to sigh, thinking that he would start telling us all the story of his love life or something.

After that, (Y/N) started to chat a bit with my brothers. The whole time she did so, she didn't let go of my hand. She squeezed it the whole time, showing great fear while keeping a happy and lucky face. I stared to feel bad for her. Because it was me who dragged her in to this. She didn't expect this at all. Maybe she just wanted a romantic and lovely moment alone with me.
In that case, I ruined it.

"So, have you and Raph done anything special lately?" Mikey asked her. She blushed a deep red again. Okay, that was it! I rose up to my feet and started chasing Mikey. Screaming: MIIIIKEYYYY!!!! the whole time. Everyone sat down on the ground, (Y/N) as well and looked. Master Splinter face palmed while (Y/N) just laughed.

"Go Raph! Catch him!" She shouted exactly when I caught him.

"Say it!"

"Gwaah!! Raph is all wise and powerful." Mikey said through breaths. I pushed him down on the ground and went on top of him.


"And he's better than everyone else!!" I licked my finger and pointed it straight on to his forehead.


"And no living creature is aloud to live on the same planet as him because he's so powerful, and I'm a piece of sh*t!"

At that point I let him go and looked over at (Y/N). She was holding her stomach with one hand, the other one on her face while looking down, laughing. Seeing her laugh made everyone here happy. Master Splinter started to chuckle as well and not scold me for chasing Mikey like I do usually once or twice a day. When she stopped, she looked up at Mikey that still was laying down on the ground.

"Brotherly love?" She asked while looking up at me. I smiled a small smile and sat down next to her, pulling her in to my lap. Master Splinter looked at us but we both didn't care.

"Don't anyone think that (Y/N) look like a doll in his lap?" Mikey asked and sat up, brushing off some dirt from his arms. I felt (Y/N) blush and squeeze herself together in to a ball. Everyone laughed, except me. I only hugged her behind and put my chin on her shoulder.

We all sat there like that for about 30 minutes, continuing to talk. But it all ended with (Y/N) falling to the side. I caught her with my arm and looked at her, seeing that she fell asleep. Everyone 'Aaaw'ed at the sight and stood up.

"Raph, take her to bed while we go home okay?" Leo asked me. I nodded and picked her up bridal style. My brother's went home, but Sensei was still here. He was holding my bandana in one of his hands while the other one was behind his back. I smiled again and motioned for him to follow me. He did as I said and followed in to (Y/N's) room. There, I placed her in bed and covered her with her blanket. She caught my finger with her hand, and that's when I understood what Mikey meant. Her entire hand was needed to go all the way around one of my fingers. Sensei smiled behind me and out a hand on my shoulder. I turned on her red night lamp and kissed her forehead. After that,
I put my bandana back on and jumped out.

Sensei followed right behind me. The whole way home, I was smiling like an idiot..

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