He gets mutated: Casey

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Your P.O.V

I had literally no idea what to say anymore. I just stood there, eyes wide and mouth open, trying to say something. Panik was the only thing I could feel, my world got teared apart at that moment. The moment that some mysterious green bottle flew from ske sky and crashed on Casey that was now screaming in pain and doing everything he could to get it off.

I felt so worthless, simply because I was scared of what might happen to him if I touched him. He could get even more hurt by my touch, so I just backed away to a wall and watched as his once human form turned in to something different. I closed my eyes and covered my ears from the loud screams.

How could I end up here? All I wanted to do was to spend the Friday with him, and then this happened. Hearing how loud he screamed made me tear up because I thought he would die.

My worst nightmare

After a while, the screams got quiet, at that point I had to gather up some courage to open my eyes. I did, but almost wanted to cover them again.

Casey was laying unconscious on the ground, turned in to a (F/A) (Favourite/Animal). He still had some of his hair , and the bandana was in place, but his body had changed so much. I don't know what happened to him. His clothes was torn apart, making him end up almost naked, and cold. I wanted to take off my own clothes and give them to him, but didn't have anything more than the shirt and jeans I was wearing.

Before I could get closer to him, a voice called out to me from the rooftops. I looked up and saw four shadows. They weren't human, that's for sure.

"Go home where it's safe, we'll take care of him and turn him back to normal!" A leader-like voice shouted. I nodded and began to run home. On my way home, I had to avoid some robots, but when I finally managed to get inside, I locked the door, closed the windows and shut the blinds. The rest of that night was filled with nightmares and tears.

Oh my dear Casey. Why you?

And not me?

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