How you cuddle ( All )

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Cuddling wasn't something you two did often because of how much studying you had to do and how much Leo had to train. He barely had time to be with you but once he did, he both was too tired to do anything special, like going out on dates.
So cuddling was actually laying in his lap while he was meditating. It could be using one of his thighs as a pillow (A really hard one) while the other one was like a pillow for your legs. Or, you would sit in his lap, his arms around you while you leaned on them and just rested.

That was your way of showing affection, and people who love each other don't need to talk to keep each other company


Raph isn't somebody who likes to cuddle, so he leaves everything up to you.
He usually lays on his back, arms holding one of his ninja magazine's above his head and red them while you laid on his stomach with your face in the crook of his neck.
But he did once in a while put the magazine down and stroked your back for a few minutes before starting to read again.


Believe ot or not, Donnie was a huge fan of cuddling. It was like a whole semester for his brain and he needed it a lot.
So that's what you two usually did after he was done with inventing something new or other things...and when you were done with your homework.
You both would just relax in his room for a few hours until you had to get home. But you always wished that you could spend the night because of how carefully he was spooning you. He made you fall asleep a few times and them you actually had to spend the night. Bit you would always end up late for school after that. Those hours you spent together was always making you both feel like Jelly.


No problem!
Mikey was always more than happy to cuddle with you. And it could literally be anywhere.

On the couch

In his room

By the fridge in a corner

Even in the Shellrazor!

It began with you leaning your head on his shoulder and then he made it turn in to a whole cuddle session. Once, he was sitting in the chair in the Shellrazor, upside down so that his feet were leaning against the backside of the chair, while you lair on top with your feet right by his.
But the positions changed from day to day, so you never really have a favorite one.


When ot came to cuddling, Casey is actually the one who wants it.

It was usually on his livingroom on the floor on the carpet that his mom was very proud of. A beige, long haired and super soft carpet that covered almost the entire floor.

You both would just lay on your sides, face to face and forehead against forehead. Your head would be resting on his arm while your arms would either be around his waist or holding his free hand.

Now, let's move on to his little hobby

Casey always tangled his legs woth yours, and it didn't matter if his pants were dirty. He would always do that and hold them in place when you mooved.


Tigerclaw always worked hard and did a lot of exercise each day. That made him come home absolutely exhausted and just want to go to bed and sleep.

If your weren't at his place, he would cuddle with the blanket or the pillow. But when you were, he would always collapse on to the bed and put his face on your stomach. His head was pretty heavy but you didn't mind.

You would then always take the opportunity to play with his ears or whiskers which caused him to slap your hand away.

Then you would pet the back of his head or rub the palm of his hands for a while before evily start playing with his ears again.

He didn't do more than just calling you some cute pet names or groan tiredly in to your stomach, which always made you laugh because of how much it tickled.
But in the end, he would always just give up and start to purr.

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