When you meet: Mikey

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Late at night when everyone was sleeping, i usually walked up to one of the rooftops that had the perfect view of the whole city. But every time i wasn't alone. I always had my little follower in the shadows right behind me.


My lungs were on fire,my legs almost broken and my skin was more red than it's skin color. A crazy girl has been chasing me for...propably hours! I didn't know what i had done to make her mad, i'm not even sure if i did anything at all. She just randomly started attacking me from behind, using her katanas to try to stap me or cut me somewhere. The only thing she was able to do was give me a huge cut on my neck and also cut my hair off at the same side.

But what i do remember was holding...a bottle of some kind...with something glowing in it. I'm not sure what it was but i knew that whatever it was, it was really dangerous. I was just about to run off when she started chasing me...and now, here i am running away.

 When i was just about to turn the corner something green and very hard crashed in to me. The thing ran in to me so fast that i didn't have time to react. I dropped the bottle and not too long after that i blacked out.

End of flashback

Ever since that day, i've been saing the same figure folowing me in the shadows. Almost like it was keeping me safe, but i always pretended like nothing happened. The cut on my neck has now turned in to a huge and very visible scar. And because of the wired hair cut got that day, i had to cut my hair as short on the other side so no one would think i was wired. (And/But) my hair (was/wasn't) long enough to cover it. Every time someone would se it then i would just say that i got attacked by a dog when i accidently stepped on it's tail while it slept. People belived in it, so it's okay.

While looking up to the sky, i tuched the scar with my fingers. After a moment i sighed and began feeling some cold water drops on my face. I..i didn't even notice the rain starting to fall, but as i usually did i ignored it.

”I know you're there. You can come out” I randomly said and looked behind me. In the dark was a pair of baby blue eyes looking back at me. I jumped up a bit at first because i wasn't really expecting it. But then i knew that it was my little 'safe keeper' and relaxed. As i looked a bit deeper in to them i notice them break eye contact and looked down almost like they were ambarassed.

 ”Why were you looking at me like that” A male voice said, a bit to light to be a male actually but i didn't mention it.

”Because i wanted to se who you are. You've been folowing me for a while now, almost like you we're spying on me.” I said and stood up. The figure didn't move, only look up at me again.

”What's your name?” I asked him a bit confused for some reason.

”.....Mikey” The figure said.

”Well then...Mikey~” I said in a michevius tone.

”I'm (Y/N).” I said and took out my hand for him to shake...And that's when i felt like fainting again. His hand was green, huge and with only three fingers. I screamed wich caused him to jump out of the shadows and cover my mouth with both of his huge hands.

”Shh...Don't be aftraid, i'm not going to hurt you.” He said, looking paniked. I relaxed a bit but still extreamly tensed up and breathing fastly.

”Okay. I'm going to let go of your mouth but only if you promice not to scream again. I said this once and i'm sayng it again. I'm.not.going.to.hurt.you.” He said before taking a small pause.

”It seemes to me that you're a bit too scared and schocked over how i look. So i will go now and give you time to process ok?” he asked. All i could do was nod while he removed his hand from my moth.

”Ok. Then...se ya some other day dudette.” He said and started running away. Ummidietly, i walked home, thinking that it was only a dream. But then i heard a darker voice shout ”MIKEY!” and sounding very angry. Almost like me when some of my friends tricked me in a bad way or just annoyng me untill i'll rage.

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