Meeting April and Casey (Request):Leonardo

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It was any normal day for you. You went to school, you came home from school, did your homework and then started texting Leo. Yep, same old same old day. Except this time, Leo invited you over to the lair to talk face to face and not phone to phone.  Gladly, you took on your favorite hoody and went out.

As soon as you got there, you went in to the dojo and saw Leo sitting in front of the tree doing his thing. You smirked and went behind him, trying to scare him. But, oh no! Apparently, you forgot that Leo was a NINJA and got flipped over by him. You landed softly in his knees with a small thud and looked up at him. His eyes were still closed, but a little smile was visible on his face, making you smile as well.

Later, you found yourself meditating with him, fully concentrated. The world was blocked your by your concentration, the sounds that you moments ago heard was now quiet. You could feel movements around you , something you haven't done in a while. Okay, you've never felt movements around you, this was you first time. You felt Leo's movements from his steady breathing on your shoulder, waves of sound from the TV in the living room, even the ice-cream kitty softly meowing in the freezer. But then, you felt something strange. You felt someone walking towards you and Leo. And not one person, two. Their movements felt thin, which meant that they were skinny and not muscular like Leo and his brothers. It didn't feel like Master Splinter.

"Hello Casey and April. What's up?" Leo asked, you didn't open your eyes because you knew that this was propably some of his own friends. But yet, hearing  the name "April" spread jealousy through your body.

"Ah, nothing much. We just had a math test and I bet that Casey failed again." April said. You couldn't help but giggle, making the attention turn to you.

"Em...Leo? Who's she?" Casey asked. You stopped giggling and put on a blank expression on your face.

"(Y/N), Casey and April. Casey and April, (Y/N)." Leo simply said. You turned around, gave them a wave and went back to meditating. Leo chuckled at this, seeing how much you liked it already.

"Okay...Pleasure meeting you...(Y/N)." April said awkwardly and walked out with Casey. You heard the others greet the, with 'Hello' and 'How are you?'. Leo went back to meditating with you after that.

After about 10 minutes,  Leo opened his eyes and stood up, you did the same and followed him up. When you got in to the living room, Casey, April and the guys were all watching a show in the TV. April turned to you before you could walk past her and took the sleeve of your hoody.

"Wait. May I talk to you?" She asked. You got confused but said "yes". She stood up and led you in to the kitchen . You were honestly afraid of what she might want to talk to you about but decided not to show it.

"So, Mikey told me that you were a couple." She started. You could almost feel the awkwardness in the air between you two. To try to brake it, you answered.

"Yes, We have been dating for soon a month." 

April looked curious and asked you if you could tell her some other stuff. Like:
How did we meet?
When did he ask me out and how he asked me out as well.
What I like about him and how you guys explained your relationship to his brothers.

You answered all of those questions one by one as she stared at you. Almost as if she was writing down your every word in her head. You tried not to giggle at it, but failed when you heard both of your tummies growl, wanting food. Laughing at it at the same, you asked if she wanted to eat something. She nodded and asked you then what you wanted to eat. It turned in to a whole Guess-the-meal-game which made both of you laugh.





Was heard both of you say at the same time through the Lair. Some of the guys turned around and looked at you weirdly but you just continued. Later you both stopped at "DUMPLINGS" and laughed the hardest at that one. She crooked and arm at you that you gladly took, as if she was a man that properly led a young lady to a table at a fancy restaurant. With huge grins, you walked out of the lair like friends who have known each other for years. When you were out of the lair, and just walked around the sewers, April started a conversation that maybe crossed the line.

"So~ Have you and Leo done some frickle- frackle yet?"

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