When you watch him train: Donnie

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Being Donnie's girlfriend meant that you would se him thinking a lot and stuff like that...
But not today.

Walking past everybody, only saying "Hello" to them, you make your way in to the lab with your math book.
A problem made you get stuck and you've been sitting for nearly two hours trying to solve it. And Donnie is a smart guy, he knows everything you know and everything you'll study in the future.

"Donnie?!" You yelled out in the lab, but got no answer.
"He's in the dojo!" You heard Leo yell from the living room. You thanked him and walked in to the dojo.

Oh my holy lord.

The sight was so unexpected that I was close to drop my book.

Donnie was in the middle of the dojo, swinging his Bo around in all directions.

Suddenly, he turned and lunged at you faster than you could even react. Dropping the book to the ground and flying up to the wall with Donnie, you suddenly came back to reality. Donnie was holding you up against the wall with his staff.

You were a bit shorter than him, so when he lifted you up to his eye level, your feet were at least 2ft over the floor.

"Need some help?" He asked. You only nodded and pointed slowly to the math book that was now laying upside down on the ground.

He looked over, making his bandana fall over his right shoulder. When he looked back, it was hanging on one side, making a very different, yet hot look. He came closer and started explaining how to solve that problem. You didn't know you he knew that you were on that one, but still listened carefully to what he said. He saw the concentration in your eyes, and decided to make his language a bit more complicated. Now, you barely understood what he was talking about. But you didn't show it.

After a while, he let go and went back to his training. Doing some moves that totally impressed you, you decided to sit down and watch him for a while. He swinged it around many times before turned to you and swinged it at you.
Before you could scream and cover your eyes, he stopped and started to gently poke your nose. You wanted to make him stop, but no word came out of your mouth. Out of nowhere, he poked your forehead with his Bo, almost pushing you backwards. It didn't hurt so it was totally fine.

"Don't you have a mathematical equation to solve yung lady?" he asked you and started to run twoards you with a smile on his face. You got up and ran out of the dojo for dear life. He stopped right by the door and smirked as he watched you slip when taking a sharp turn and fall down, only to get up again and run in to his lab. His brothers looked at her wiredly, then at Donnie. He just smiled wider and git back to his training.

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