When you wear a kimono: Mikey

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You and Mikey were playing around a little bit. Okay, not playing around, you were looking for your phone. The last time you saw it was on the couch, but now it's not there. As you looked underneath the couch, you found only dust...no wait. There was something more underneath it.

"I think I've found it!" You yelled to Mikey who was in the kitchen. He peeked his head out, ice-cream kitty on it. But then went back to searching, propably didn't belive you.

As you stretched your hand your and grabbed the
thing, you quickly realized that it was not your phone. But you took it out anyway. Looking at it, you saw that it was a beautiful white and yellow butterfly. Not a real one! This one was made out of metal and looked to be really delicate.

"I'm.gonna se if Master Splinter is missing this." You said to Mikey and stood up. Brushing some dust away from it, you made your way to Master Splinter's room.

Mikey's P.O.V

After (Y/N) made her way in to Sensei's room, I stood up from sitting on the table and put ice-cream kitty back in to the freezer. Petting it's head lightly, making it purr I closed the door and walked in to the living room.

When I made sure that no one was around, I took out (Y/N)'s phone that I was hiding in my belt, right behind my weapons. She was so cute when she missed something or was looking for something. That face she always wears while searching makes me want to laugh until I pass out on the floor.

After about 10 minutes, I started to get worried. What if Master Splinter was scolding her for something while she was in there? No one scolds my (Y/N)! I decided to go and se what they were doing after another 2 minutes.
Walking to the door with quiet and heavy footsteps, I opened the door without asking for permission only to see (Y/N) wearing a kimono.

It had a warm, yellow shade to it. An orange belt with small flowers sewn in to the fabric with yellow threads. The sleeves were short. About to her knees. The edges of the kimono had goldfishes, flowers, and butterflies dawn on to the fabric. Her hair was tied in two buns on each side of her head. An orange flower decorated each bun. From the buns hung small golden chains with a golden stone at the end. The belt had also some flowers and butterflies on it. Her lips had some orange lip gloss on them, but it still kept the natural pink shade of them.

Master Splinter left the room when he heard Leo and Raph fight again. I rolled my eyes and walked over to (Y/N). She started to giggle and sway from side to side fastly. Like she was dancing to a song in her head. I took her sleeves and sung :

"Aya iya, it's a little butterfly!" 

She started laughing at it and followed me.

Swinging her sleeves from side to side, up to down, she made herself look like a little butterfly. It was so cute. I took out my phone and started taking pictures of her. And many if them just to see which one would be best. Then I started dancing with her, signing with her as well.

It all went really well, and was really fun.

....Until her phone flew out out of  belt and landed on the floor beside her feet.

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