When you wear a kimono:Leonardo

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Being a good friend to Master Splinter, despite the age difference, you usually helped him out with all kinds of things while his son's were out on patrol.

Today, he wanted to clean up his room a bit, just clean upp all the dust from the shelves and other places. Currently, you were dusting the closet. You thought that it was absolutely gorgeous, so you went a bit further and cleaned even the doors. While you were doing your work, you didn't notice him looking at you. Thinking closely about something.

"Wanna se what I have in that closet?" He suddenly asked you. You only nodded and stepped aside, giving him some space. As soon as he opened it, you saw a bunch of kimono's hanging in a color code. Some of them was for men, while others was made for women.

"These used to be my wife's, but she never wore any of them...she didn't get a chanse to." He said sadly, before going back to cleaning. You looked at them all for a while, before closing the doors and doing the same.

Later, the boy's got home, not only safe, but with a bunch of take out food with them. Pizza, dumplings, Chinese noodles and other stuff was in their arms.

"Where did you get all of this from?" You asked them all.

"We saved the owner of a restaurant from the kraang. Instead of running and calling us 'freaks', he made all this food for us and promised to keep us a secret as a thank you. Mikey said happily. You smiled with him and helped them carry everything in to the kitchen.

"So, what did you do while we were out?" Leo asked you. You looked at him before answering.

"I helped Master Splinter clean a bit, then, he just showed me some kimono's." You simply said.

"And I was acsually thinking but taking this one on you." You suddenly heard Master Splinter say behind you. You turned around to see himholding in a white box. Setting some food down, you walked over to him and looked at him with a confused expression. He smiled and motioned for you to follow him.
When you got in to the room, you noticed that Leo followed you in, but hot quickly pushed out by Master Splinter.

"Have you already seen her naked? If not then please step out." Leo blushed, so did you and told Leo that you'll see him soon. He nodded and walked away to the living room.

Leo's P.O.V

I waited and waited. The urge to just slam the door's open was getting stronger in each minute. But somehow I kept it in my body. Later, I heard the door being opened and Master Splinter stepped out a bit.

"Leonardo, come in now." He said. I ran in instead of walking. To Sensei it was a bit immature but I didn't care. When I stepped in I was met with the most beautiful sight.

(Y/N) stood in front of a mirror, looking at herself. The kimono fitted her perfectly and showed every single angle of beauty I could possibly see.

The kimono had a warm,deep and dark blue shade, but getting lighter closer to the edge. A star sky with some clouds was painted on the fabric. The belt was a snowy white color with the silver komigimo tied properly around it. The arms was long and fell down to her knees, maybe a bit further. Her hair was decorated with all kinds of blue and white flowers and some small chains with diamonds was hanging from it.

I gasped at the sight, which made her turn around to me. That's when I saw that she also had blue eyeshadow on her eyelids. It wasnt that visible, but enough to make her eyes sparkle more than the stars on the entire sky. As if they were not doing it already.

"I'll leave you alone for a while." Master Splinter said after an awkward moment of silence.
Right for he closed the door, I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her nose lightly. She giggled at this.

"You're so beautiful. Enough to even make the moon blush in shame. " I said and watched as she blushed and looked down. I smiled.

"Nothing is more beautiful than you Leo. I'm sure that if you would walk by a river, all of the fish would forget how to swim from your beauty. "(Y/N) suddenly said, making it my turn to blush. I loked up at her, seing nothing but honesty in her eyes.

This will be a fun night.

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