When he's sad: Raphael

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Raph's P.O.V

I have been in another fight with Leo. We both were screaming mean things at each other and like usual, we went our different ways in the end. The fight was about who should be the leader, of course. I don't even know how it started. But somehow it did, and fast too. I can't remember what i said to him, I just remember him suddenly turning around to face me in the dojo and start screaming at me. I shouted back, more out of confusion to why he was screaming at me, and just made him even more angry. Most of the times we fight, I don't even know what I've done or said. It's like, like my memory is blocking out those little, yet important lines that I say. And I don't even know how to stop this, since I don't know what I'm doing in the first place. I really hate to be in a fight with him, because he's always under extreme pressure and fights don't really help.

Being the leader to 3 brothers is hard enough. And sometimes I wonder. If I was the oldest, would I be as strong as Leo? Would I be a good leader?

I suppose, I'm trying to help him out in my own way. By offering him a break from the stress and pressure. I know that I wouldn't be able to handle it as good as him, since he's calm like water over stones... And I'm like a wild fire.

If something goes wrong, the first person we blame is him, and not ourselves. I don't even remember ever thanking him for keeping me and the others safe while putting himself in to danger.

No one's P.O.V

You walked in to Raph's room, ummidietly seeing him lay on his bed. His forearm was covering his eyes while the other one was hanging outside of the bed, gripping a sie loosely.

You walked over to him and moved his forearm, reveling his sleeping face with dry tears in his eyes. A sad sigh escaped your mouth, since you've heard the while fight between him and Leo. You knew that he was trying to do. Only he always said it in the wrong way, making Leo misunderstand what Raph's trying to say. His words came out cold and rude on the outside, while they were really warm and caring on the inside. He was only a misunderstood kid that don't know how to change. And you felt really bad for him.

As you were about to leave, he suddenly stabbed a whole through your shirt with his sie, stopping you. You turned around, ready to make him fix it, until you saw him look at you with half opened eyes and new tears streaming down his face. Your almost angry expression softened. Taking away his sie, you walked over to him and sat on the corner of the bed.

"Don't leave yet, okay?" He choked out, getting one tear in his mouth. You smiled gently and wiped it away. Then, you went over to the other side and crawled next to him on the bed. He wrapped an arm around you after you got comfortable and fell asleep again.

...He's just a misunderstood guy who wants noting more than keep his family safe...

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