When you find something secret: Casey

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What in the world? Was the only thought that came I to your mind at that point.

In your hands, you were holding an mp3 with a pair of headphones. And it was the craziest mp3 ever too. No buttons, nothing, just a screen with the name, album and artist of a song. That's all. The music was blasting through the headphones and made Celine Dion's voice almost echoe through the elevator.

Casey had dropped it on his way home and you just wanted to give them back to him. You ran after him for about 2 minutes but he was too far away to be able to hear you. So you just have up and decided to give them back to him.

When the elevator stay,you walked out and turned to walk to the left, cause that's where Casey's apartment was. After knocking on the door, Casey's dad was the one who had opened it.

"Hello Ms.Jones. Casey dropped these on his way home and I just wanted to give them back to him." You said and lifted up your hand that was holding the headphones and mp3. Casey's dad didn't say anything, he best turned around and shouted for Casey to get in to the livingroom. A groan could be heard from inside, making you chuckle.

Not too long after that Casey came running in to the livingroom with nothing but a black tank top and a pair of black boxers. He looked very surprised to see you here but covered it up with a nervous smile. Then he noticed you staring, grabbed one of his hoodies and tied it around his waist like an Olympian!

"H-hi (Y/N)...W-what are you doing here?" He asked shyly.

"I just wanted to give you your headphones back, you dropped them on your way home. He looked down at them and suddenly grabbed them out of your hands. As fast as he could, he pressed a button on the headphones and made Celine Dion's song stop. It was 'Because you loved me' and got almost to the middle of the song.

"T-thanks...eh...come in?" He said but made it sound like he was asking. You turned twoards Mr.Jones who was standing there, looking at the whole scene and slowly understood that something was going on between you two.

"If it's not any trouble." He smiled and motioned for you to get in. You did so and closed the door behind you.

After you had taken your shoes off, Casey took your bag and led you too his room. You sat down on his chair while he sat on his bed. It was a little awkward so you decided to break it by saying something.

The situation didn't get any better at all

"So...Celine Dion?"

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