When YOU are right and Master Splinter is WRONG: Raphael

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After the training, the guy's went to rest in the living room before going on to check if there's any trouble here in New York.

You stayed at the lair since it was 'to dangerous' for you to go out. So, you sat on the couch and watched the first thing that came up on the TV.
Not too long after, you heard Master Splinter clean the lair a bit. Since sitting in front of the TV was boring, you decided to help him out.

Two people are better than one right?

And man you were right. It took about 20 minutes for you guys to finsih the whole lair! After everything was clean, you went in to the kitchen to clean the wiping cloth.

Halfway through the extra cleaning, you heard Master Splinter say something, so you tuned off the water and asked him to repeat what he said.

"What was that?"

"I want to make this place look even more like a home." He said as you walked over to him and stopped next to him. Then, he began talking about what he wanted to do with different parts of the lair.
Place something there, or move something to another spot. He wanted to paint the walls in a deep shade of red-brown like his kimono and also get some new lamps on the ceilings. Get a door and stuff like that.
You looked over at the walls, seing holes and cracks in the walls that would propably ruin everything he planned. Or at least ruin the walls of he would paint them in any color at all.

"Yeah. That's a really good idea there Master Splinter. But may I give you little tip?" You asked him. He only nodded, not moving from his spot.
You took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Well, you live in the sewers which makes the walls here not so beautiful. If you want to paint them, you'll need to do the basics first. You'll need to take concrete and cover up these holes, let them dry, then paint the walls." I began the went to stand under the lamps that he wanted to change. His eyes were already wide with realisation but you didn't stop there.

"Since nobody really used this part of the subway, nobody came here to repair it either. So if you want to change the lamps, then first we'll need to find one that will actually fit these cables.

These day's people usually use LED lamps and not these kinds. LED is much better and has better quality, so you don't have to change them as much. We'll need to change the cables so that you can change the lamps. Also, this one seems to soon be completely dead."

You said, then turned around to find Master Splinter sitting in the couch with his head resting in one of his hands.

"You're right (Y/N)...I think I should stop dreaming dreams big like that." He said hopelessly. At that point, laughter, LOUD laughter echoed through the sewers. You turned around only to find all 4 turtles laughing. Mikey was on the floor. Donnie was on his knees and Leo and Raph had to use each other as support so that they wouldn't fall down as well.
Leo was almost crying while it was.way to late for Donnieto hold it in. He already had two tears running down his cheeks. You broke down as well for a minute but then got serius again.

"How long did you stand there?" You asked them. In the beginning, only Raph managed to speak up.

"A-a-about f-five m-m-minutes." He said through his laughter.

"W-we saw E-EVERYTHING!!!" Mikey followed soon after.

"I-I never though that MASTER SPLINTER would EVER admit t-that h-h-h-he was w-wrong!!!!" Donnie laughed out and collapsed on top of Mikey.


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