When you get embarrassed: Leonardo

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Leo's P.O.V

I was out on patrol, but I didn't do my job as good as I did today. I have no idea why, it just happened I guess. My brothers went home, but I stayed out here to cool off. I didn't fight with Raph like I usually did, but I needed just time away from everyone and everything.

Right now, I was on my way to (Y/N's) house. She always knew how to cheer me up and how to make me smile again.

When I was there, I sort of regretted coming. She was talking and laughing with her mother about something. I sat down on the edge of the rooftop, listening to the conversation. Not on a creepy way, just waited for her to get in to her room so we can talk.

"You've been acting a little bit...odd lately, you know that?" Her mom suddenly said and took the glass of water from the table. (Y/N) looked at her mother wiredly and furrowed her eyebrows. I did too.

"What do you mean?" She asked and took a sip out of her own drink. My mouth watered at the sight of water because I haven't been drinking anything since this morning.

"You seem more...energetic, and, and happy lately. Did something happened?" Her mother asked curiously. (Y/N) looked like she was thinking, but the silence made her mom think the wrong thoughts and smile widely.

"Did you meet someone special maybe?" Her mom asked and leaned closer. (Y/N) blushed and looked around, trying to find an answer. That's when we made eye contact. Her eyes widened, and all I did was smile and wave at her. She looked down at her lap and nodded. Her mom gasped and leaned on even closer.

"Who's the lucky guy then?!" She almost screamed. (Y/N) looked at me, as if asking permission about telling her mom about me. I nodded. She took a deep breath and shuttered put my name.

"L-l-l-Leo" She said shakily. "L-Leonardo" She continued.

"He sounds hot." Her mom suddenly said. I couldn't help but giggle a bit and make a face that said 'Ooooouuhh'.

"Well...he is" (Y/N) continued and looked down at her lap in pure embarrassment. I leaned closer so that o could hear them better.

"Well...give me details girl! What does he look like?" Her mom asked, almost pushing (Y/N). Now I became slightly nervous. Hopefully, she would tell her about my human form.

"Well...he is really tall, about a head taller than me (Or more depens on how tall you are), he has long black hair, almost down to his waist because he don't want to cut it. Blue eyes and long black eyelashes. His eyebrows are quite thick and bushy but straight anyway. He has pale skin, and really rosy cheeks and lips. When he blush even the tips of his ears becomes rosy. He's really fit, and trains everyday with martial arts. He uses Katana's....what more?" (Y/N) said and then asked her mom for more in the end. Her mom thought for a while.

"Have you guy's held hands, cuddled, kissed or anything?" She asked. Now it was (Y/N's) time to think.

"Well. We haven't held hands, but we have kissed." She said. Her mom leaned closer, signing for (Y/N) to tell some more. So she did, the blush only grew stronger and stronger in each minute. I could tell that she was really embarrassed by this.

"Aha....aha......aha" Was all her mother said as (Y/N) was talking. But she suddenly cut her off.

"Okay, I only have one more question for you. " Her mom said and pointed a finger up. (Y/N) instantly closed her mouth and listened carefully to what question her mother might have.

"How thick is he?"


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