When you get embarrassed: Mikey

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Hello. I'm so sorry for the late update. You see, I've been hitting a wall with this chapter many times. I've written it over and over again. Like this:
Write it
Cut it
Paste it
Save it
Load it
Check it
Quick, rewrite it

These lines are from a song actually. Technologic if you want to litsen to it. Oh well, o won't take up any more or your time, enjoy!

You and Mikey were casually hanging out in your room. You first played some video games, then he taught you some tricks with his Nunchaku's, bit you both ended up just talking. It wasn't until your mom came in to the room that the little moment ended.

"Hey (Y/N), I've been thinking for a while about this. You see, all of your underwear are getting old, so...how about we go and buy you some more."

That's all she had said, and that's how you ended up here in the shopping center, surrounded by shops but had to go in only one. Undergarments. Mikey had followed you and your mom from the rooftops, but being the ninja he was, he was very silent and hiding well so you couldn't see him. He was probably hiding somewhere.

Your mom was walking around, suggesting you different bras and panties while you said 'okay' or 'maybe' while wearing the biggest poker face ever. You smiled to her, bit you just wanted to get away from there. It wasn't embarrassing to be around these kind of stuff, it was embarrassing to be around them while Mikey was watching. Especially when your mom held up thongs in front of your face. And that was just choosing underwear, you'll still have to try them on later.

After a whole, your hands were filled with hangers and mom had sent you away to the changing rooms.

You went in, changed clothes, opened the curtain to let your mom see, then changed underwear set after your mom had told her what she thinks. Pure embarrassment and humiliation was filling your body, and was probably visible on your face. Every time you opened the curtain, you didn't litsen to your mother at all, because all you could think of was what Mikey would think.

Think about it, he would one day see you naked, and when that day comes he'll probably be a full grown and a turned on male. He wouldn't want to see you in your sports bra and old panties.

When you were about to change in to the last set, your phone suddenly ringed. You casually answered it, not even looking at who was calling. The voice made it obvious that it was Mikey though.

"Hey (Y/N), when are you changing in to that orange thong? You know, I've been waiting here...and quite impatiently too."

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