When he's cleaning his room to a funny song: Donatello

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You were studying in Donnie's lab...again. All though, he had to go away because Master Splinter told him to clean his room.

Now....Don was very...VERY slow at cleaning because he only ends up going through the stuff he founds instead of putting it on the right place. So you continued to study, knowing this would take about 2-3 hours.

After a while, a wired sound came from his room. It sounded like talking, no...signing?

As you tip-toed to his door, you were already close to crying because of the massive laughter building up inside you. And when you opened the door, things didn't get any better.

Donnie was swinging his Bo-staff around the whole room -with wipe cloth at both ends - in one of his hands while the other one vacuumed the other side of the room. He was signing along with almost an flirty look on his face. His bandana was tied around his forehead and he used other belts to keep spray bottles in place around his thighs.

"Who you gonna call?" He said and wiggled his eyebrows at the air. You were sure that if the air was in fact a living being, even if it was a guy, it would blush.

Your eyebrows went further up your forehead as a grin became visible on your face. At that point you took out your phone and started recording EVERYTHING!!!

"Yeah yeah yeah!" He sang as he stopped spinning his staff and held it as a microphone, leaning from side a little bit before starting all over again. You covered your entire face with your hand, trying your very best to keep yourself together.

"So, who ya gonna call (Y/N)?"

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