Sneaky picture girl: Leonardo

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Leo was meditating, like usual. It wasn't anything special for him, because he did it once or twice a day. For for you it was unique every time. One time he smiled slightly during meditation, the other day he fell asleep. This time was something completely different. He looking my focused than ever.

You sat in front of him, reading a book. After you turned over a page, you decided to look up at him to see how he was doing. And sure enough, he was just as focused as ever. Eyes closed, back straight, hands resting on his knees and the usual calm breaths.

You had no idea why, but you felt a sudden urge to keep this moment. So you took out your phone and turned the camera on, then snapping a picture of him. After that you opened it and put on a filter that would make the colors brighter.

Feeling quite satisfied with it, you looked at it a little bit clearer to see what quality the picture was taken with. The firat thing you zoomed in on was his face. And at that point, you realized that he was wearing a little smile on his face. You couldn't help but smile back at that picture and feel your heart skip a beat.

You now had a wonderful picture of a truly wonderful and important person. So if he ever dissappeared on a mission for more than one or two hours, you had at least something to keep his beauty clear in your head.

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