When everyone finds out: Raphael

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Right after (Y/N) fell asleep, I went home. I didn't want anybody at home to suspect anything. But, no matter how much I tried to cover the unusual excitement in my face. Sensei noticed and called me in to his room. Man, I was in some serious trouble now. He will find out everything! And..then probably lock me in my room.

"My son, tell me what's on your mind...you behave oddly today." Sensei said and leaned his head to one side. I sighed and started of with:

"I'm in love." Sensei's eyes widened slightly,  but the silence was too much for me to handle at this point, so I continued just to break it.

"She's...beautiful isn't even the right word. Everything AND beautiful. She, she understands me and it's really easy for me to talk to her. I know that I can trust her. That I can tell her everything bad about me and she would still accept it.
She has the most kind heart I've ever seen someone have. She's funny, smart, caring, understanding, curious, brave and ALWAYS wants to try something new."
Sensei listened to my little confession in complete silence. I had so much else to say, but what I just said was enough and will give anybody a good image of what she was like.

"I want to se her." He said in the end. I got slightly shocked. What if he didn't like her? What if she didn't like him and decides to leave me? All kind of these thought was running through my mid. But in the end, I gave up and decided to lead him to her apartment.

The next day at about the same time, me and sensei got ready to leave. When we were about one meter from the door, my brothers asked me at the same time:

"Where are you going?"
"That's none of your-"
"We're going to se Raph's girlfriend." Sensei said.
I got almost mad, but didn't show anything. I mean, no big deal. He only told the rest of my family that I'm dating someone and made everyone think that I'm weak and stuff. Of course, they wanted to go as well.

When we got there, I instantly saw (Y/N) and her mom dancing around in the living room. The window was open so we all heard the music. They both were crossing their legs in the rhythm and clapping their hands while moving their heads from side to side. Suddenly, her mom stopped and Sid something to her, then walked away. To the kitchen I thought.

(y/n) was alone in the living room. She continued dancing a little until her eyes landed on a pair of red roses. She slowly walked over to them and stroke them gently with her hand. I felt myself smile as a different song came up. She smiled wider and took one rose in her hand. At that moment her mother walked in with a drink in her hand and looked at her beautiful, dancing daughter.

"Are you in love?" Her mother suddenly asked, a grin on her face. (Y/N) only shook her head and hugged the rose, spinning around once more to the song.

"Tell me about the lucky guy then." Her mom said and turned the volume down slightly, now we all could hear them a bit clearer.

"Well." She started. I could feel myself getting nervous about what she might say. But then she looked down and laughed slightly.

"He's absolutely gorgeous. He's tall, handsome...romantic..." I blushed at the last part, but felt a smile grow on my face. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over to se Sensei smile proudly at me. Then at everyone else, only to be met with the same excretion.

"So~....tell me! What do you love about him the most?" (Y/N's) mom suddenly asked and everyone's attention got pulled back to them. (Y/N) closed her eyes and leaned her head back with a smile on her face.

"Everything. I love how easily he can get me relaxed. How carefully he's touching my hand." She said then looked at her hand. When she said that, I could almost feel her hand in mine. Smiling even more, I watched as she opened her eyes and continued.

"I especially like his eyes. How easily I can get lost in them. How warm and caring they are..... just like (Y/S/N)" She finished. Now, everyone's smile disappeared.
My heart dropped.
Sensei asked us who that was, but everyone just looked down and didn't say a word...except me.

"It's her sister. She got killed not to long ago by one of the foot soldiers. We were there, and that's how I met her...but we weren't there in time to save her." I explained quietly. Then looked up to se (Y/N) alone in the couch. Her head down and her eyes on her knees.

After a while of sitting there, she stood up and walked in to another room. The room that had a fire-escape on the outside. As soon as she was on the roof, I decided to come over and meet her. Watching her like that just didn't feel right.

I went behind her and stood still for a moment. Then wrapped my arms carefully around her waist. She tensed up a bit but then relaxed when I placed my chin on her shoulder. When she turned around, she instantly greeted me with a kiss. I kissed back, never wanted to let go. But then I felt her hand on the edges of my bandana. I broke the kiss and looked at her. She almost stared back in my eyes. I guess she got lost in them again.

"May I?" She asked me and pulled on my bandana a bit. I nodded, closed my eyes and leaned my head down. Allowing her to take it off easily. She pulled if off carefully. As if the bandana was made of wet sand. When it was off, I opened my eyes slowly and looked up. She gasped a little bit.

"Oh my...I never thought you could look so, different without your mask." She said. I blushed and looked down until she put her hand in my cheek and made me look at her.

"I think I love you even more now." She said. I smiled and kissed her again, deeper this time. I felt the bandana fall down on the ground right by our feet. I guessed she got a bit shocked my my sudden actions and dropped it. But I didn't care. I didn't care about anything. Not even that my father was watching me. When I pulled away, I felt like that was the perfect moment to tell her that we're being watched. Taking a deep breath, I leaned closer and said:

"Wanna meet my family...?"

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