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Part 71

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I look around and see a strange withe room with a stranger looking at me.

''Who are you?'' I ask.

''I'm Dr. Eric. How are you feeling Kayla?'' He asks me.

''Umm okay why am I here?'' I ask confused. Just yesterday I was at the beach waiting for Alex to come pick Carter and I up.

''Well you got into an accident almost 7 months ago and you has been in a coma ever since.'' He told me.

''What? I don't remember that.'' I said confused.

''Well you probably have memory loss.''

''No I remember because it seems like just yesterday my friend Alex was coming to pick me up at the beach with my son.'' I say.

''Well I'll have your boyfriend come in and talk to you.'' He said.

''Umm I don't think that's such a good idea.'' I say as he walks out to get Austin I'm guessing.

Austin walked in the room in tears. It was a mix of happy and sad tears. He looked up and his eyes lit up and he ran over me and kissed. I pulled back.

''Kayla I'm so happy you woke up!'' He said hugging me.

''Umm can you sit in that chair?'' I ask politely.

''Uhh sure.'' He says confused.

''Why are you acting like everything's okay when it's not?'' I ask almost in tears.

''Baby I know it's hard just coming out of a coma but we'll get through this together.'' He says.

''No we won't Austin that's exactly what I'm talking about. Where's our son?'' I ask.

''Umm h-he died.'' Austin said wiping tears from his eyes.

''How?!'' I yell in tears.

''He was only a few months old and with you being in a coma he couldn't survive inside you.'' I look at him confused.

''But I was just holding Carter at the beach waiting for Alex to pick me up after we were fighting.'' I said.

''Umm babe that never happened. Our son was never born.'' He said sadly. I was confused right know. Our son didn't die inside me, he was born and we were happy until Austin decided to hurt me. I just started crying.

Austin's POV

It's so hard listening to Kayla talk about these crazy stories she thinks really happened. These past seven months have been so hard. I've been alone. No one understands. My mom kind of does but it's just hard talking to people about my problems. I haven't been to the studio in months. I'm really letting down my Mahomies and I feel awful but I couldn't help it. My girlfriend was in coma, my son died inside of her and I have no clue if she's going to survive. I've stayed by her side almost every moment of this. The first couple of months it was on and off because it was hard to see her like that. I do regret that but I just couldn't even deal with all that pain. I sang and talked to Kayla everyday hoping she would wake up and as cheesy as it sounds it made me feel better.

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