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Part 2

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I started crying because Austin freaking Mahone just walked through the doors! I tried to stop crying as I got up and ran to him. He stopped talking to fans when he saw me. I looked up and we made direct eye contact and I felt as if my world had just stopped. We looked into eachothers for a few seconds then he started walking towards me with his arms wide open for a hug. I wipped away my tears and hugged him! I couldn't believe this was happening!!

"Don't cry beautiful." Austin said.

"I can't believe this is happening!! I love you so much you're my inspiration! " I said.

"I love you too beautiful!" Austin said.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I'm here with my friends and one of my friend's dad and were gonna meet his fiancé tonight."

"Nice! Well my mom just might be his fiancé!" He said.

"I doubt that he would have told us if you were her son cuz he knows how much we love you! But she does have a son our age."

"No I'm pretty sure my mom is his fiancé cuz she said Todd's daughter and friends were coming!"

"Todd is Lexi's dad!" I said happily and starting to cry again. Lexi and Bella came up beside us.

"Lex this is your new brother!" I said.

"And your new boyfriend." She said.

"Yep." Bella said.

"I wish but I doubt he likes me back." I whispered so Austin didn't hear.

"Well you never know." Lexi said.

"Okay Austin and Kayla there's a table over there for you two cuz there wasn't enough room at the other one! Have fun!" Bella said pushing us along.

"Yes there is..." I startes but was interrupted by Lexi.

"No there's not!" She said eyeing me.

"Austin, can I have a minute with them?" I said.

"Sure thing beautiful!" He said and winked and headed over to our table.

"Did you guys know he was coming?!" I demanded.

"We found out after school but we wanted to surprise you!" Lexi said.

"Yeah! We were really happy for you and now we're jealous cuz I think Austin likes you." Bella added.

"Nah I doubt it, he's nice to all Mahomies! Why me?!" I said.

"Does he says beautiful at the end of each sentences and make eye contact for like a minute with all Mahomies? Uh I don't think so hun!" Lex said.

"Whatever! Well just have to see what happens. I still can't believe this is happening like am I dreaming?! Please slap me." I said.

"Haha it's real life babe! Let's fix your makeup real quick then hurry to Austin we don't want to keep him waiting." Bella said taking some makeup out of her clutch. They both started fixing my makeup. After a few minutes I looked good again. I thanked them and started walking over Austin. Our table was right next tk the girls, Todd and mamas. I went to say hi to mama and Todd real quick before I headed to Austin.

"Why didn't you tell me your fiancé was mama Mahone?!" I said while laughing to Todd.

"It was a surprise for all of you!" Todd said.

"Well thanks." I said.

"Michele, this is Kayla! I'm sure you knew that though." He said.

"Yes I've hears so much about all of you! Great to meet you Kayla! Have fun with Austin!" She said and winked.

"Nice to meet you too. I can't believe this is happening!" I said. I then said bye and headed over Austin and my table.

"Sorry! I just went to say hi to your mom. Oh by the way I'm Kayla." I said taking a seat across from Austin.

"It's fine. I already knew that but I'm gonna call you beautiful instead!" He said. I blushed and my heart was racing. I have never gotten this way in front of a guy ever! Not even my past boyfriends. I giggled.

"This is still so crazy! Did you know about this too?" I asked.

"Well kind of. I knew one of you was single and I knew you all were Mahomies but I didn't expect to be set up on a date like this with someone as beautiful as you." He said.

"Am I the only one who didn't know anything? " I said as I laufhed.

"I guess so!" He said.

We talked and got to know eachother. I really liked him a lot. Even more than before when I was a huge Mahomie. I got butterflies every time he said something to me and whenever he would touch my hand I would get this feeling that I never had before.

*After Dinner As We Were Leaving*

"It was really nice meeting you Austin and I had a great time." I said as I got up from my seat.

"I had fun too! You should come over sometimes!" He said.

"Yeah that would be fun. Here give me your phone." I said handing him mine. I put my number in and handed it back to him. I started walking towards Lexi and Bella but Austin grabbed my arm and I got that feeling again.

"Wait!" He said. I turned around and he....

Kayla's dress: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=148464209

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