Part 88

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I walk inside and see Austin. I close the door and turn around and Austin's right in front of me. He quickly pushes me against the door and kisses me aggressively with his hands on my hips. I kiss back feeling sparks. Then I stop and push him away tears pouring out of my eyes. I just stand there shocked and Austin watches me. I just walk away and upstairs to bed.

The next morning I woke up at six because I couldn't sleep. Kissing Austin was a mistake but then it made me think kissing Nash was a mistake. I felt like I cheated on both of them. I didn't know what to do anymore. I'm so confused. Who do I really love? I decided to go downstairs and drink some coffee. I quietly walk downstairs and Austin's at the bar drinking coffee. Oh god.

''Morning.'' I say and fakely smile.

''Hey sorry about last night.'' He says.

''It's fine I'm just confused now.'' I say pouring myself some coffee.

''If you're confused about me liking you, I love you like I always have and will.'' He says.

''What about that girl the other night?'' I ask sitting down next to him.

''She was just a friend I promise she even has a boyfriend. I just needed advice that's all.'' He says and I could tell he wasn't lying.

''Oh. God I'm stupid!'' I say if I would have known I wouldn't have gone on that date with Nash.

''No you're not you didn't know and I just wasn't having a good day that's why I yelled and you thought I was really hooking up with some chick.''

''I don't know what to do now.''

''I understand that you don't want to be together now since I'm going on tour. Please just don't move on.'' He says tears threatening in his eyes.

''Ugh.'' I say thinking of Nash.

''Well I gotta go finish packing wanna come up with me? We're leaving in an hour.'' He asks.

''Sure. I need to change anyway.'' I say. We walk upstairs to our room and both into the closet. I pick out cute shorts and start walking to the closet. I pick out cute shorts and a tank top. I take my clothes and start walking to the bathroom.

''Where you going?'' Austin asks confused.

''To change in the bathroom.''

''It's not like I've not seen you before.'' He says smirking. I blush.

''I'm changing in the bathroom.'' I say and smile. I change and come out and smile. I take my phone out and see I have two texts. One from Nash of course.

N: Goodmorning beautiful♥ Wanna hang out?

I sigh and respond.

K: Can't today sorry :(

I didn't know what else to say, I couldn't hang out with him and confuse my emotions more.

''What's wrong?'' Austin asks coming out of the closet packing a suitcase.

''I'm just confused and don't know what to do.''

''Well follow your heart.'' He says.

''That's the thing, I don't know what my heart is telling me.'' I say.

''I'm sorry.'' He says.

''It's fine, I'll figure it out I guess I don't know.'' I then check my other text, it's from Lexi.

L: What was that about?

About Austin and I kissing.

K: Idk I'm really confused now :/ we're on good terms now though :)

Nash texted me back.

N: Okay :(

And so does Lexi.

L: Well that's good!!! :) We'll talk later stay strong Kaykay♥

That was her nickname for me.

K: Yeah I guess it just makes it more confusing. Thanks baby cakes ;)♥

Then I went on Twitter. Nash had tweeted a bunch indirectly about me

''Had an amazing night with my girl ♥''

''I'm finally happy again :)''

Oh gosh I'm gonna break his heart. I then decided to tweet.

''I'm so confused''

''I love you and I'm glad we're talking again but I'm confused sorry :/'' For Austin.

''Had and amazing night :)'' For Nash.

I checked Austin's profile and he had tweeeted this morning.

''You always make me happy :)''

''Please don't move on ♥''

I started crying. I was so confused. My heart said Austin my mind said Nash and Nash made more sense. But what Austin and I had can't happen between me and anyone else. I was special. I feel the bed go down and Austin hugs me.

''Babe what's wrong?'' He asks. That literally broke my heart. It made me even more confused.

''I don't know what to do Austin. My heart is saying to chose you but my mind is saying Nash and that makes more sense since you're leaving. But I feel like I'm cheating one way or another.'' I cry into his chest.

''Shh it's okay.'' He says rubbing my back.

''I don't want to bring this up but when I cheated on you I figured out who I really loved and that's you. I just hope that doesn't have to be the case with this. And your heart's usually right so follow it.'' He says and kisses my forehead.

''I can't right now Austin you know that.'' He nods into my hair while I'm still crying and I know he's now crying too.

''Austin woah umm it's time to go.'' Michele awkwardly says. I wipe my tears.

''I'm gonna go clean up.'' I say and hug him. It felt so good to be in his arms.

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