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Part 92

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All I could think about is does Austin really love me? Alex told me he really does but he just acted weird when I was on the phone with him. I just ignored it and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to Lexi jumping on my bed.

''What?!'' I groaned.

''Guess where we're going next week?!'' She said excitedly.

''I don't know.'' I said rubbing my eyes and sitting up. I looked at the time, it was 9:00.

''We're going to see Austin in Texas!!'' She yelled.

''Seriously?!'' I said excited.

''Yes! We're surprising him so don't say anything to him.''

''Okay, sorry about yesterday.''

''It's fine.'' She smiled at me.

''I talked to Austin last night and he didn't seem to thrilled to talk to me.''

''He's probably just tired and busy.''

''That's what he said but I don't know, something just seemed weird about it but Alex said that's all that was wrong with him too I don't know.''

''It's fine Kayla he misses you. You know he texted me a couple times asking me about you.''

''Really?'' I asked smiling.

''Really.'' She said and we went downstairs to eat. My phone buzzed. It was Nash.

Nash: Hey wanna hang out tomorrow?

Kayla: Sure :)

Nash: Pick you up at 1 ?

Kayla: Perfect :)

''I'm going hanging out with Nash tomorrow Lex.'' I said.

''Okay be careful.'' She said.

''Ugh I know, I hate it cause it's not like my feelings will just disappear.''

''I know but you just have to know you love Austin and he's the only one you can love and forget the feelings you have for Nash.''

''It's not that easy though.'' I sighed.

''I know, just try.''

''Okay I'll try.''

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