Part 114

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The plane ride home was silent. I mean what was there to talk about? We were all leaving people we loved I mean except Rob and Zach they just didn't know what to say. The whole ride I was thinking. How was I going to explain this to Nash? He would be so mad at me or he would understand. I really wasn't sure what his reaction would be but I was super nervous.

The plane finally landed after what seemed like hours. We got our luggage and Todd and Lexi came and picked us up. I was really excited to see Lexi and talk to her.

''Lexi!'' I yelled running into her arms.

''Kayla!'' She said.

Everyone hugged and we went home. When we got home I went upstairs and started to unpack. I started thinking about when I should talk to Nash. A knock at the door broke me from my thoughts.

''Come in.'' I said and Lexi came in.

''Hey.'' I said and she sat down on my bed.

''So how was it?'' She asked. I laughed.

''Amazing yet awful.'' I said putting a few things away.

''Do you want to grab a late dinner with Sarah since we haven't eaten and we can all talk?'' She asked.

''Of course let me just freshen up a bit.'' I said.

''Okay I'll go tell Sarah.'' She said and left . I washed my face, touched up my makeup and hair and then sprayed myself with perfume and headed downstairs.

''Ready?'' I asked when I saw the girls coming downstairs. They nodded and we headed out. We went to Olive Garden of course.

''Sooo what happened?'' Lexi asked.

''Well I was super nervous about telling him I was dating Nash and I didn't talk to him then I thought about it and I decided I needed to break up with Nash so I did and I felt awful. I told Austin about it and he was really mad. We eventually made up and became friends with benefits haha. And we're all good now, we're just sad.'' I explained.

''Wow.'' Lexi said and I nodded.

''Yeah so there you go.'' I said.

''Well I'm glad you two are okay now but you really need to talk to Nash.'' She said.

''I know I will I'm super nervous.'' I said.

''Don't worry we're here to help, everything will be okay.'' Sarah said.

''What would I do without you guys?'' I asked and laughed.

''You should text Nash now and see if he'll meet you tomorrow to talk.'' Sarah said. I nodded. I was getting super nervous now.

Me: Hey we need to talk... Starbucks tomorrow at 3?

I sent the text and anxiously waited for a reply.

''It'll be fine.'' Lexi said.

''I know I'm just nervous.'' I said and was interrupted by my phone buzzing.

Nash: Yeah we do... I guess.

Me: You don't sound too sure.

Nash: I am so let's just do it.

Me: Okay. I'm so sorry.

Nash: Yeah whatever see ya tomorrow.

He's mad. Now I hurt even more than before. First I had to break up with him over the freaking phone already feeling awful about it, then when Austin and I were finally okay I had to leave and I won't see him for two months and now Nash is mad at me. I just want to cry.

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