Part 104

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The next morning I woke up and took a shower recalling all the events from last night. I thought we were doing okay but I guess not. This morning I was going to see if I could go home. I need a break. I need time to be single and live my life without a broken heart for once. I got out of the shower and go dressed. I then packed my stuff and grabbed my phone and went to Michele's room. I didn't see Sarah so I assumed she just stayed with Alex. I knocked on the door and Austin answered. He smiled and I pushed past him and found Michele on the couch. I walked over and began talking. Austin came back with a bagel in his mouth.

''Hey Michele can I go home please? I just don't think this is going well.'' I asked nicely.

''I wish I could let you sweetie but Lexi and Todd decided to go see an NBA game together in LA and I don't want you going home alone.'' She said patting the spot next to her. I sat down and sighed.

''What's wrong?'' She asked.

''Everything.'' I said tears falling.

''Why?'' She asked.

''My life's always been a mess, I just wish everything could be normal again. No broken heart or anything to worry about.'' I said. She hugged me.

''Kayla I thought we were okay.'' Austin said worried.

''Yeah Austin you wouldn't know because you probably don't remember a thing about last night.'' I said. He looked confused.

''What do you mean?'' He asked.

''Oh hmmm I don't know maybe you should ask the ''friend'' you were at ''dinner'' with.'' I said with air quotes. He sat and thought and he still looked confused.

''Seriously what happened?'' He asked.

''You'll figure it out eventually I'll leave it up to you to tell your mom.'' I said smirking. I stood up.

''Well I guess I'll go.'' I sighed.

''Wait do you wanna get breakfast?'' Austin asked.

''No thanks.'' I said smiling and walked out leaving his mouth open shocked. I walked out and headed out to Starbucks alone. I walked out and Paparazzi were everywhere asking questions and blinding me with their camera flashes. They were surrounding me making me claustrophobic.

''Are you and Austin dating?''

''Did you cheat on Austin?''

''Did Austin cheat on you?''

''How's the baby?''

''Where are your parents?..

I stopped walking shocked. I bit my lip not wanting the tears to come pouring out of my eyes. The paparazzi just kept getting closer and closer. I couldn't move.

''Stop! Get away from her.'' A familiar voice said.

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