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Part 115

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Today I was meeting Nash at Starbucks to talk to him. I was super nervous. He sounded mad by the way he acted when we texted. It was eleven so I had a while before we were going to meet. I decided to try and call Austin. I texted him first to see if he could talk.

Me: Hey ♥ Can I call you?

Austin: Hey babe, not now sorry :/

Me: Okay, let me know when I can :-*

Austin: Okay, have a great day :-*

I was kind of sad he couldn't talk but just the feeling knowing that he loved me was all that mattered.

*3 hours later*

It was now two so I decided to get ready to go to Starbucks. It was a little cold in Miami today and I've been waiting forever to wear this outfit. I changed, straightened my hair, put on some light makeup and headed out to my red Mustang the boys had given me. I always got really excited to drive it. It was my dream car and I loved it so much. Anyways, I drove over to the Starbucks a few minutes away, parked and headed inside in search of Nash. I didn't see Nash yet so I decided to order.I ordered a caramel frappe. I paid and then got my drink and sat down at a booth and waited. It was three so he should be here any minute.

I sat sapping my drink thinking and every now and then checked the time. It was now 3:30 and he still wasn't here so I called him.

''Hello.'' He answered in a monotone voice.''

''Hey so did you just decided to ditch me or what?'' I spat into the phone.

''Calm down and no I was just running late, I had an interview.'' He said calmly.

''Okay I'm sorry I'm just stressed right now.'' I said.

''It's fine I'll be there soon.'' He said. I said okay and hung up and waited. A few minutes later the bell dinged and I looked up and saw Nash. A smile came on my face and once he saw me he smiled a little too but that slowly faded. He slide in across from me.

''Hey how are you?'' I asked.

''Fine you?'' He asked not interested.

''Could be better.'' I said and he nodded.

''Anyways, I'm really sorry I broke up with you like that. But it needed to be done sooner than later. I just wish we could've talked more about it I'm so sorry and I understand if you don't want to be friends.'' I said.

''I need time to think. You really hurt me Kayla. I really liked you. Just give me time okay.'' He said not looking at me once.

''Okay I'm sorry.'' I said, he just shook his head.

''I better get going.'' He said and stood up.

''You just got here.'' I said.

''Yeah and we talkled and now I'm leaving.'' He said and left. That hurt me. I sat for a few more minutes then got up and went to my car. I called Sarah.

''Hey babe how's it go?'' She answered.

''Awful.'' I said about to cry.

''What happened?!'' She said and I told her.

''Kayla he'll come around I promise if this happened to you you'd need time too so respect it and before you know it you'll be friends again don't worry.'' She said.

''Okay thanks Sarah.'' I said.

I just hope my life goes back to normal soon. Because honestly right now it sucks and it has for a while.

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